☀️ Marseille Complete Travel Guide – France Holiday – Bucket List Ideas

Marseille – the famous port city in the south of France. There’s many things to do here including the Basilica Notre Dame de la Garde, Fort St Jean and Vieux …

39 thoughts on “☀️ Marseille Complete Travel Guide – France Holiday – Bucket List Ideas

  1. Fabrice Haubois says:

    Compare Marseilles to Napoli please, they are somehow supposed to be similarly plagued by urban phenomena such as organized crime, gangs/drug & human trafficking, corrupt governance, under investment & poverty by some categories of the population. They are also both football mad, and are known for excellent food variety. Marseilles probably has more of an Africa, Arab feel due to massive immigration from 1960-2000s but these two cities have gone through a lot and need revitalizing and investment… I am wondering if a visitor finds the 2 remarkably similar, or not.

  2. Hokkien Gospel says:

    This is the MOST DANGEROUS CITY not just in FRANCE but in EUROPE. 10 Times Higher than New York City in Drug Related Murders. That Palace used to be NAPOLEON'S PALACE built for his wife JOSEPHINE. This place has gone down the drain since WW2. DO NOT VISIT THIS PLACE!!! It is a DUMP. Go to PARIS!!!

  3. Albert Rexhepaj says:

    Marseille Is Word of Albanian Language, Marseille meaning of the Word, in Albanian MARSEILLE=MARR SJELLI, in Inglish MARSEILLE=EXPORT IMPORT, in Français MARSEILLE=IMPORTATION D'EXPORTATION. City Is named After the Port, city was founded by the Albanian's.

  4. Sabrina G says:

    He couldn't stop whining about Marseille!! talking about what's free, so pathetic to say ''Le panier'' is free!!!?? You're in the street, it's free indeed! And going on about how nice the weather was on the day of the visit he was doing, the weather is pretty nice in Marseille, specially the time the time of year this video is showing. 

    The best was for the end when he says'' You wouldn't think but Marseille has a lot of beaches''!!!LOL, EVERYBODY knows Marseile is in the South of France and … by the sea, very stupid comment to make.

    Maybe do a video from where you are from it might be more interesting?

  5. hiroroll says:

    Beautiful video. Very nice point of view of the second city of France. I'm from the city. You missed some cool sites too such as le cours julien, L'Estaque, la Joliette, la Plaine, les Gouds etc. I cannot pinpoint where you are from.

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