🇨🇦 VANCOUVER Travel Guide 🇨🇦 | Travel Better in Canada!

Here’s our Essential Vancouver Travel Guide, giving you EVERYTHING you need to know to travel better on your own Canadian adventure! Vancouver …

43 thoughts on “🇨🇦 VANCOUVER Travel Guide 🇨🇦 | Travel Better in Canada!

  1. Beaulieu onnp says:

    I would like to know more about cycling in Vancouver. Cars are harmful to the environment. Also would like to know about the bus network. When I was there ages ago, I saw a bald eagle. The wildlife in Vancouver is great. Gastown was boring and touristy. The second hand bookshops are nice. There is a lot of crime/serial killers in and around Vancouver now and there are forest fires sometimes

  2. Дюк Бишэп says:

    мужик!! В этом пончике огромное количество разрыхлителя, усилителя вкуса и ещё масса всякой гадости и последнее его жарят на ….. это масло очень вредное. И эта вода, для неё больше подойдёт слово жидкость…Этот перекус называется удар по организму)) Сейчас ты этого не поймёшь а вот к 65 годам …придёт понимание!!

  3. Annie St Pierre says:

    Tipping in Canada is 15-20% as almost “mandatory” because restaurant workers get paid well below minimum wage. 10% would also be considered semi rude or at least like you were very unsatisfied with your service

  4. Max Drew says:

    I would not recommend using a taxi as transport because of how expensive it is. I would recommend renting a bike instead because you can see so much more of Vancouver than just the road

  5. Md Nazrul Islam says:

    Hi David how are you.? Hopefully you are fine and doing well. I am Md Nazrul Islam here I willing to visit Canada very shorty. I like this place mostly and I intend to visit those places in Vancouver. May you can help me to Accompany with me. Please reply me on my Email : nazrul005005@gmail.com

    Thanks and Best Regards 💕

  6. pat sow says:

    I live in Vancouver and I would like to offer a correction.
    Vancouver is a sub tropical rainforest in winter we get on average 5 to 10 cm of snow and it really goes below zero Celsius, these are important facts in order not to make false claims, it would be most appreciated if you edited your video I know it’s a couple years old but, truth matters

  7. AV says:

    Awesome vid!
    oh and btw I uploaded a 2-min video on places to see around Vancouver as well. hope you could check it out! Thanks and have a great day! 🙂

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  9. Devon John says:

    I travelled a lot in Canada and all of the places i'v seen were amazing and interesting. Watching your video shows that Vancouver is one of the most exciting cities to visit in Canada that people should experience if haven't already. I'v created a youtube channel that shows video's of everyday living in cities that would give you a detailed look of how your vacation trip to Canada would look like on your next mission.

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