🇮🇪 Dublin Travel Guide 🇮🇪 | What You NEED To Know Before You Go!

Dublin is one of the liveliest and friendliest cities we’ve visited! In this Essential Guide, we’ll take you through everything you need to know before you go, …

28 thoughts on “🇮🇪 Dublin Travel Guide 🇮🇪 | What You NEED To Know Before You Go!

  1. Gary Shepherd says:

    Take the train out to Sandycove (beautiful journey along the strand) and visit the Martello tower and James Joyce museum – great view from the top. Then go to Fitz's pub on the way back to the station – one of the best pints of the black stuff in Dublin.

  2. Ronan Jameson says:

    7:47 What does this guy mean when saying Dublin is "still pricier than the rest of the UK" ?
    Is Paris pricier than the rest of Germany, Tokyo pricier than the rest of China, Mexico City pricier than the rest of the USA ?

  3. Max Cody says:

    To all those who plan on travelling to Dublin, don't drink in Temple Bar or just one at the most. You're going to be ripped off beyond belief.
    Walk through it, have a look in but head to bars elsewhere

  4. Steve Daniel says:

    Don't forget to visit Fun Place beside the Gaiety Theatre! You can try on costumes, wigs, masks, whatever you like! You can take photos and have the craic in there and make it an enjoyable experience, even if you don't buy anything!

  5. Kieran Greene says:

    You say near the end of you video that Dublin is still pricier than the {REST} of the UK!!!!!!Dublin is NOT in the UK in the first place you
    English idiot!!!
    Anyhoo…do NOT go near the Temple Bar area!!!!Most expensive pints and food here. I'm from Dublin!Temple Bar is a tourist trap and most Dubliners don't go near the place.Plenty of other areas that are better and a lot cheaper such as the South William Street area near Grafton Street to name but one.

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