🇯🇵 TOKYO Travel tips 🇯🇵 | Watch BEFORE you go!

Here’s our Essential Tokyo Travel Guide , giving you EVERYTHING you need to know to before you start your own Japanese adventure! With the Tokyo …

39 thoughts on “🇯🇵 TOKYO Travel tips 🇯🇵 | Watch BEFORE you go!

  1. Ethan Lee says:

    Germany and Japan are the same war criminal countries, but the paths they chose were very different. Unlike Japan, which distorts and turns away, Germany has chosen the path of acknowledging and reflecting on its past mistakes.

    There are places all over Germany to record and commemorate the victims. A day of remembrance of the victims was also designated. So far, the government has compensated the victims about 106 trillion won, directly or indirectly. However, there are still many people who think it is not enough.

    Japan, the same war criminal country, took a different path.

    Recently, they have been moving beyond denying responsibility and trying to distort history altogether. While avoiding apologies and reparations from the past, it appears that they are isolated from the whole of Asia.
    'What actually happened can be repeated at any time.'
    This is why Germany constantly records and reflects. This is why Japan should see and learn from Germany.

  2. Ethan Lee says:

    A Japanese shrine is not a temple. It is a space where virtual gods, ancestors, and war criminals are gathered. Please know the history and travel. You didn't go to the temple, you went to commemorate the war criminals of World War II.

  3. 𝕾𝖚𝖓 𝕾𝖙𝖍 says:

    In Japan, in business situation people bow 30 degree to express “Nice to meet you” 😊, 60 degree to say “thank you very much” 🤗, Third one Is very serious one: people bow 90 degrees to tell “I am very sorry 😒”.
    Further, People bow all the way until 180 degrees to express “I can see you watching my ass you pervert 😈🙄 🤭”…… 😂

  4. ImSo Littt says:

    I want to live there after the military but I don’t want to struggle talking to people… I did see a translator that goes to your ear and is like a speaker when you speak and it traslades the word to the other language

  5. haruki umemoto says:

    How to get to cheaply Tokyo from Narita Airport by Train
    Narita Airport
    ↓Free Terminal Shuttle Bus
    Higashi-Narita Station
    ↓Keisei Higashi-Narita Line
    Keisei Narita Station
    ↓Keisei Main Line
    Keisei Tsudanuma Station
    ↓Keisei Main Line (Local Train) 750JPY
    Keisei-Nishifuna Station
    ↓On foot
    Nishi-Funabashi Station
    ↓Tokyo Metro Tōzai Line 290JPY
    Ōtemachi Station
    ↓On foot
    Tokyo Station Total 1040JPY

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