10 NYC Travel Tips Nobody Talks About ! … 🤐

10 NYC Travel Tips Nobody Talks About … we’re going to share some information that all tourists visiting New York City need to hear. Check out our other NYC …

29 thoughts on “10 NYC Travel Tips Nobody Talks About ! … 🤐

  1. Here Be Barr says:

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  2. Riley Muise says:

    that tip for showing respect for the 9/11 memorial is true for so many things, people need to realize there's a time and a place. similar thing when I was in Europe at a concentration camp and i looked around and seen people snapping so many selfies it just made me shake my head. love the vids man

  3. Donald Grove says:

    Fun to watch. I've lived in NYC for 40 years. The only thing I will say is that the Brooklyn Bridge is a world famous tourist destination. I cross Manhattan Bridge and Williamsburg Bridge on bikes all the time, and I have for decades. I simply don't try crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. The tourists aren't a problem. It's the silly bicyclists who think they have a right to zip across the bridge that is being thronged by zillions of people. Get over yourselves and take another bridge, or accept that you have to slow down, and yes, possibly weave around people who don't care about you and your bike. You might as well think you have a right to zip the Met Museum on a bike and that the museum tourists are horribly ignorant for getting in your way. Enough already!

  4. Alan Hugh Chandler says:

    I work in a dining hall we could only seat 118 people this year at a time we had to talk to student about getting them to move out so others could come in to eat and I have trouble with biker here in Vermont not fallowing the laws also

  5. Tashia J. All Day says:

    Those bikeriders in NY go SO fast…i always got hit by one on the BBridge trying to take a photo,,,i think he even yelled something…in hindsight I now realize how rude I was being by not being mindful of the locals trying to get to work etc. Lesson learned.

  6. Little Cooking Tips - Blog says:

    Great tips, as always Jon! There are people SMILING at the 9/11 Memorial site? Wow. We honestly cannot comprehend that, as to this day we are overwhelmed by what happened back in 2001. Even though we aren't Americans this event has scarred so many people who where alive to witness it. This memorial is a place that should be treated with outmost respect.

  7. Will Ford says:

    Used your videos for my first every trip to nyc today! Thanks for being so helpful! I’m sad to say there were a lot of people taking Instagram pics at the memorial and it made me so sad. It’s a really lovely and solemn place. NYC did not disappoint

  8. Cfraimondo says:

    Thank you so much for stating your last suggestion. It's a difficult subject and I've seen the same thing all too many times…people treating this somber place like a tourist attraction or Instagram photo op. 3000 people died on those grounds, just everyday people like you and me going to work. For those of you who haven't been there, I highly suggest going through the museum once. Just Just warning, one of the rooms at the end really personalizes what happened that day. Anyone who read those letters or listened to those voicemails will never treat those grounds like a tourist attraction.

  9. Sharece D says:

    Thank you again for another helpful video. The Zebra board is a huge help!The 9/11 memorial & pools, thank you for bringing that up! I feel like that should be common sense, but it’s not sadly.

  10. Jeffrey Weid says:

    Omg ur comments about the 911 memorial are spot on. I’ve been there and I’ve seen those very issues you spoke about. I thought it was in horrible taste. On a side note I also saw a group of kids obviously on a field trip who we totally respectful and were just doing their assignments throughout the museum. I was blown away by how nice and respectful the kids were. Maybe the teachers gave them the riot act before they went in. Also I never understood the store in the museum. Why would anyone want a puzzle or 9/11 coasters. It seems to me like buying something from a cemetery. But I guess if it helps pay to keep the museum nice I could see that side too.

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