10 Things to do Around Tokyo Station | Travel Guide

Tokyo station has a lot going on. We uncover 10 things to do around Tokyo station – one of the biggest stations on earth – as we eat, drink, shop and even …

21 thoughts on “10 Things to do Around Tokyo Station | Travel Guide

  1. Abroad in Japan says:

    NOTIFICATION SQUAD: I think Ryotaro has outdone himself again and broken the record for number of brilliant phrases in one video. Of the 4-5 phrases, I think the simple exclamation of “DISCOVERY!” gets my vote. What was yours?

    Before the release of the last Journey Across Japan video this Sunday (yes it’s finally over this week), Iet this whirlwind tour of the Tokyo station area keep you busy and fill your itinerary with ideas for any upcoming trips to Japan you might have planned. If the video does well, we may consider doing more videos around Tokyo – so if you did actually enjoy it or find it useful, hit the like button on the video.
    It’s good to be back after a quiet month spent mostly editing and there’s some fantastic stuff lined up for August to make up for the absence, so keep an eye out!

    Finally, if you do follow Ryotaro’s advice and actually propose to your partner from that spot overlooking Tokyo station, send me a photo and I’ll be sure to pass it on to Mr Discovery.

    (Special thanks to Tokyo Lens for filming the episode with us: https://www.youtube.com/tokyolens)

  2. Mark Tighe-Crea says:

    Tasteless blowfish? That poor fish had a wife and children. House and student loan payments to make. He went to friends house, with his wife, on the weekends to play cards.
    And you, in the spirit of Godzilla, ate him!!!???

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