10 Tips & Mistakes | Las Vegas Travel Guide 2020

Travel guide for Things to do in Las Vegas 2020. This video includes my personal tips & mistakes to avoid. I cover a many topics including the airport, casinos, …

47 thoughts on “10 Tips & Mistakes | Las Vegas Travel Guide 2020

  1. eyeseer1 says:

    As a security guard make duplicates of your home keys as I encounter many who lose keys, key cards, phones and credit cards ( I cancel cards) . Spend limits or a prepaid credit card works to thwart pickpockets.

  2. Angel Daisy Marrero says:

    First time in Vegas was in 2016 for our honeymoon. We stayed at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino, because that's where Elvis stayed at. We attended one of those timeshare events and ended up buying our share there and we couldn't be more happier. The time spent there during the presentation is truly time consuming. But now, whenever we go somewhere we will always have a place to stay. In fact, we 2 timeshares, Vegas and Florida. The annoying thing about the timeshare program is, those annoying requests they send you to attend meetings just to get you to upgrade your timeshare and spend more money.
    We love Vegas and we have friends and family that live out there so Vegas is now our home away from home and we now love visiting Vegas. I think we've visited Vegas like 3 times already and look forward to our next visit soon. We just go during our weeks of timeshare stays. Next year, I'm planning on visiting Arizona.

  3. Bryan Hugh says:

    Man I checked last month. Resort fees at most places were almost 100 a night and that included wifi and phone line…. THAT'S IT. I get covid shuts shit down. I'm reading the comments and it looks like I need to check again. I dipped out fast last I checked

  4. ja50n says:

    I lived in Vegas for years staying off the strip is perfectly fine.. Unless you plan on hanging out on the strip the whole time other than that great video!

  5. T S says:

    As someone who stays 20+ nights in Vegas a year, this is absolutely the truth. You should enjoy Vegas, good food, great memories for a weekend for UNDER 250 a person (depending on if your airport has a direct airline to Vegas, from Denver to Vegas a round trip ticket can be $40-$80!)

  6. Rob Hayes says:

    Was always told, if you’ve got nothing nice to say don’t say anything been once to Las Vegas I’ll leave it at that, the mafia did good. Listen to advice, or Lose good style.

  7. Jeff Lopez says:

    lol I was born and raised in Vegas and worked out on the strip. A few of these we can agree to disagree with. These people are trying to make money to take home to their families just like you are making this video to take money home. It's not a scam if it's to your benefit. (also, I used to work in Timeshare and it most certainly isn't a scam out there. The company I worked for was amazing and gave one to all of their employees for free. It made it easier for us to talk about and be knowledgeable. However, it can be a long time of sitting there). If you sit there for 3 hours for $100 show tickets that is like getting paid $33 and hour.

  8. John Egli says:

    Exactly right about timeshare trap. A couple in our group there for bull riding finals did it. 4-5 hours later. And they said keep the tickets. Not happy campers. But learning experience there.

  9. Alex Romero says:

    Do not buy a table at the club. Yeah drop $300-$500 a bottle and split the cost with your friends if you want but a lot of these clubs have minimums of what you have to spend and it’s not a small amount. You’re looking at over 1k forsure. You’re better off buying bottles of alcohol at Walgreens and pregaming in the room with everyone. By the time you get to the club you’ll probably only want one drink and realize that shits $20 for a small plastic cup of alcohol. You’ll be drunk enough by then anyway so really you only pay the entrance fee. Fellas that is

  10. John Deskin says:

    You BETTER be 5 or 6 Attractive females for 300-500 for bottle service, if you have 50%guys better double that…. Heres a real tip, If your in a group of just girls (this part might sound f*cked up but its absolutely true) and all of you are an 8 and up pick any nightclub and you’ll get in for free, and most likely end up at a table paying nothing at all. Go back to the clip that was shown and notice who are at the tables, the security and doormen at the club are constantly looking for groups of hot girls to place at tables, that’s how they make extra tips, because that’s a part of the service guys want when were thrown $1000s around, so enjoy the free drinks don’t be too rude and you’ll have more fun.

  11. Steev Suos says:

    Totally agree with booking a table in those day/night clubs. So worth it! Yea we spent $2k up to $5k but we had our own private area with unlimited drinks and the ladies in our group can safely sit and stored their bags. I'm there to party and have fun not stress. Our way of thinking is why go out or travel and be cheap.

  12. M Masque says:

    Regarding street performers. As of 2014, the last time I was in Vegas, street performers (musicians, costumed folk, etc) CANNOT CHARGE YOU MONEY! They legally cannot charge. Tipping is customary and courteous but it is not required. They often count on tourists not knowing that and will pester and guilt-trip to get people to pay but you are under no obligation save your own conscience to actually do so. FURTHERMORE, if you come across somebody doing three card Monty or similar games out on the Strip, downtown or anywhere else, not only should you pass them by because they are street hustlers and sleight of hand artists, they are illegally operating their games. Casinos are honest in how they make you lose money gambling; these folk aren’t.

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