Don’t travel to COSTA RICA without WATCHING THIS VIDEO! If you’re planning to visit Costa Rica, then this video is essential to help you plan the best vacation …

29 thoughts on “12 Essential COSTA RICA TRAVEL Tips | WATCH BEFORE YOU GO!!!

  1. Paola Da Luz says:

    As a tica 🇨🇷living in the US 🇺🇸I can say I loved this video and made me homesick! Great recommendations and I really appreciated the last advice you gave about respecting the locals and the country ♥️ I would add that it isn’t as safe though, watch out for your belongings and don’t leave them unattended, don’t leave expensive equipment on your car and be aware of your surroundings 🧐.

  2. Chris and Ken says:

    Pretty cool video. We had an amazing time in Costa Rica and are definitely going back for more, but it was also expensive as mentioned in the video. The best beaches we experienced was around Uvita, pretty lush and wonderful place <3

  3. Diode Mom says:

    We love Costa Rica so much that we recently bought a home in Guanacaste which we are renovating. Hope to AirBnb it and carve out our own time as well. The beaches are stunning and diverse- where we live they have black sand and beautiful rocks. Our home has a pacific view and an infinity pool, and it’s walking distance to our favorite restaurant, Father Roosters. We did do a family adventure tour by the volcano which was quite expensive but did include horseback riding on the local horses, hiking to the incredible waterfall and into the canopy to zip line, water slide down the mountain, and hot springs. It was a full but exhausting day for us gringos. 😅
    The people are amazingly friendly and many speak English so if you aren’t great at Spanish you can get along pretty well. Please if you get the chance to visit this spectacular country, do so. Our flights were so reasonable at $300 round trip. Pura Vida! 🇨🇷

  4. Janzimp says:

    Hi Alexander, thanks for your informational video! I was actually thinking of going in October but read about the rainy season and you confirmed this. Thanks. How is November for travelling to Costa Rica? Is it better or better avoid it and go to some other time?

  5. UWSGRRL says:

    I've traveled to Costa Rica 14 times since 2005. Yes, compared to other Central American countries, the crime rate is low. The crime rate has changed from petty thefts, to rape & murder. This was not the case in 2005. I am from New York City & the crime rate there is worse than Costa Rica. Do travel there but be careful of your surroundings. I am going next month for 11 days. Pura Vida

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