12 Essential KAUAI Travel Tips | WATCH BEFORE YOU GO!

Kauai is without a doubt one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL ISLANDS IN HAWAII, and without the crazy crowds of Oahu, it’s still relatively undiscovered. Whether you …

38 thoughts on “12 Essential KAUAI Travel Tips | WATCH BEFORE YOU GO!

  1. Alexander Ayling says:

    Hey Vagabonds! I'd love to hear your tips for Kauai if you have any. Also please let me know which destinations you'd like me to make a video about! Train Harder, Fail Smarter and Never Give Up, Peace!

  2. Kristen Melissa says:

    Thank you for this!! I am going to Kauai this month (my first time to any of the Hawaiian islands!) and this is very helpful as we only have 3 days there.
    Also congratulations to you and Carrie on your homestead!!! 🤗🌟💕

  3. Ra Mi Co says:

    Years years years ago I’ve been to the big main island Hawaii so yes I’ve been there. OMGosh was it BEAUTIFUL there!🌊🌈🏝🏖⛱

    This video is BEAUTIFUL too!🌊🌈🏝🏖⛱

  4. Eric Knockuhmoto says:

    Great, informative vid. Excellent camera quality, production values, etc. For constructive criticism, I liked that you tried to pronounce the names properly. It is not easy. With video/audio editing, one could practice an infinite number of times and use the one take that sounds best. Easy fix. Also, you said that Kauai is NORTH-EAST of Oahu. Did you mean OAHU is northeast of Kauai?

    Lastly, your fiancé is a gorgeous person! Definitely adds to the already beautiful scenery. She's so shy, though!

  5. Terri L. McAlinden says:

    I'm going as soon as the Covid scam is over. I went over last year but I was only there for three days because I hurt my knee and couldn't do the hiking I planned.
    It is cold and raining in my town and I want outta here ASAP

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