13 Things to do in Sedona, Arizona: A Travel Guide

Sedona, Arizona is a beautiful city with amazing hikes, food, shopping and architecture. It is a great spot to spend a weekend or longer, especially if you enjoy …

33 thoughts on “13 Things to do in Sedona, Arizona: A Travel Guide

  1. K_Harmony says:

    You always share great spots, our vacation home is in Sedona and we still haven’t seen or had the chance to see all the great finds you listed. Sometimes just taking it all in is enough and we leave more to see for our next trip. Thank you for all your great videos!

  2. FFTransgression says:

    Thank you for the video, I'm heading to Sedona this weekend and the video added some extra points of interest I plan on checking out. I'm staying in walking distance of the Chai Spot so I'll be checking that out for sure.

  3. bahamutskingdom says:

    A little request or 5 if I may.
    1 – Please learn how to drive. Learn how to use traffic circles properly, learn and do the speed limit, and for God sake's STOP STOPPING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD FOR PICTURES!!!!!!
    (Montezuma's Castle is actually about 25 miles outside of Sedona. )
    2 – Please come to the understanding that The Village of Oak Creek (The Village, VOC, Sedona VOC) IS NOT PART OF SEDONA!
    3 – Use the crosswalks. We stick them on the roads for their use. Off that walk is asking for you to get hit.
    4 – Native Arizonans are very rarely in the mood to deal with tourists. Driving slower than hell, walking out into the road off the crosswalks, and just being general asshats to folks does not do well here. Don't push folks here. Not a good idea.
    5 – There is a lot of other great areas to visit OUTSIDE of Arizona……just saying. Tourists can go there instead……..

  4. Garett Mac says:

    I visited Sedona on a whim while driving across the country for a vlog and I couldn't have made a better decision. Sedona is more magical than Disneyland. The natural beauty of the town(day & night) can't be matched.

  5. NekoMisho says:

    Hey Josh! This is an awesome video! As an AZ native, visiting Sedona is my favorite thing to do here! I LOVE The Chai Spot & I’ve always wanted to go hiking there so your recommendations helped a lot!

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