15 Things To Do In York, England | UK Travel Guide

York is a beautiful, medieval city in North Yorkshire that makes for an excellent day trip or UK city break. In this video we will share with you 15 of the many things …

39 thoughts on “15 Things To Do In York, England | UK Travel Guide

  1. Our Travel Place says:

    EDIT: I have realised after uploading this video that for the city walls museums I said Henry VIII instead of Henry VII – very sorry! 🙈
    A large amount of this video was filmed between May 2019 – Feb 2020, so if you are wondering why most clips don’t show people wearing masks or social distancing, that’s why! Even though trips aren’t possible at the moment, we hope you find this video helpful for planning a trip to York in the future.

  2. Julie Newman says:

    Saint Wilfred Catholic Church is beautiful and is very good to visit for quite prayer time it is next to door Saint Margaret Clitheroe shrine in the shambles who was martyred in York ouse Bridge her relic is in the bar convent for Christians and non Christian alike God bless you

  3. History of York says:

    A couple of things I'd like to correct…

    1. York isn't the most complete medieval walls, that honour belongs to Chester. York's walls are the longest, though.

    2. York Minster isn't one of the largest in northern Europe, it is THE largest in northern Europe!
    3. We don't have a pub for every day of the year. The greatest number of pubs York has had so far was 269 and that was in the year 1669.

  4. John Willetts says:

    To start your visit to York, try a free two hour walking tour by the Association of Voluntary Guides A.V.G. Check us out on line. All of our guides are knowledgeable and friendly. When we say free, we mean free, no tips or commercial recommendations. Two tours per day 10:15 and 13:15 everyday except Christmas Day. starting in Exhibition Square in front of the Art Gallery. You will learn something of York’s history and architecture, such that when you’re walking around alone, you will have a much better understanding of what you’re looking at. Also expect a few laughs on the way as we attempt to entertain you.

  5. Seyma Cakir says:

    Are there any students from turkey? especially as a will study environmental science and management, but it does not matter 🙂 the student who he or she is from turkey becomes enough 🙂

    if you know, please will contact me 🙂


  6. Tha mun ge thissen to yorksher says:

    Being a Old Norse speaking Yorkshireman (And there are not many of us left these days) that's read the Viking Saga's (Which we base so much of our history off) I believe they are more poetic than Historic, and the relentless variations of "Hann var maðr mikill" is a little taxing at times! The Saga of Vinland is a decent one, it recounts the discovery of America. Also the Saga's say that King Alfred was the first sole ruler over the whole of England, even though the first ruler over the whole of England was Athelstan. It seems that the vikings had a lot of respect for Alfred though! Roughly translated from old Norse, they called him "Alfred the powerful" Which is probably the origin of "Alfred the great"? Apparently on Yorkshire day the Yorkshire society read a declaration of integrity which asserts the traditional boundaries of Yorkshire first established by Halfdon Ragnarsson In 875AD? (But I cannot guarantee historical accuracy) Over 1000 viking words exist in Yorkshire dialect, which itself is rapidly becoming extinct. So I would assume the Yorkshire dialect society has a uphill struggle! Also to those not from Yorkshire, it's "Jórvík" Which would be pronounced "Yorvik" but the vikings probably said it with a rolled tongue like a Scots "o" or like in North Riding dialect?

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