20 Things to do in Kraków, Poland Travel Guide

Come join us as we visit Krakow, Poland in this travel guide as we cover the top attractions and best things to do in Kraków in terms of museums, restaurants, …

35 thoughts on “20 Things to do in Kraków, Poland Travel Guide

  1. JERZY says:

    Krak and Wanda's Mound is not a legend, you are walking in the history of the ancestors of Poles [the former name of Poles Lehici] from before our era, depreciated by the Catholic Church until today, because they believe that as Poles we exist with the adoption of Catholicism and we did not exist before. .

  2. JERZY says:

    Wawel has one of the strongest chakras in the world which affects half of Europe. For the initiated, the most accessible place is at the entrance to the Gereon Chapel. You cannot enter there because it is under the rule of the Catholic Church for obvious reasons. You can notice people huddling up to the chapel's seaside there.

  3. churon127 says:

    have you ever had proper Austrian dumplings? Apparently you havent – otherwise you wouldnt have made such an unqualified comment about "some of the best dumplings"… 😉 Austria really is THE dumpling nation of the world with the best sweet and sour dumplings even imaginable ( sorry , I DO love Poland and Polish dumplings nonetheless 😉 )

  4. Andrzej Folcik says:

    There is no street Art in Kazimierz, pshhh, guys who pay you for this !!!???

    tłumaczenie: Drodzy Państwo, ten film wprowadza w błąd. Wycierają sobie gembe banksym i streetartem. Żaden turysta czy mieszkaniec nie zauważa tego. Kazimierz zwraca uwagę innymi rzeczami ale nie streetartem. Autorzy filmu wyolbrzymili coś czego nie ma. Street art jest w berlinie albo Wiedniu np. Przejawy artyzmu na Kazimierzu raczej kończą się wysokimi mandatami. Ale mimo to sympatyczne video, łapka w górę.

  5. smaevie says:

    You guys have a great balance between providing great info while also not taking yourselves too seriously, your videos are always very informative but light-hearted and funny and very enjoyable to watch. I hope samuel is growing his beard back in lockdown! 😉

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