20 Things to do in Milan Italy Travel Guide

Well, welcome to Italy! This week we’re exploring the fashion capital of Europe. We’re here in Milan. But of course there is more to do in Milan than just go …

35 thoughts on “20 Things to do in Milan Italy Travel Guide

  1. WipeBOT says:

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  2. Peter Bound says:

    as a Milanese, I want to thank you both for providing an authentic representation of Milan and our cute little traditions of street art, aperitivo, fashion, and culture. Amazing short documentary! 10 out of 10 !

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  4. zzTIME TRAVEL says:

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  5. Harry jr says:

    Really nice to see, I can see your effort. It's like you're doing an hard exam. It has to do with expectations. Cool views, perfect cappuccino, nice pizza's. Everytime you're saying it's beyond imagination. Rissoto has to be good. Kinda mainstream. Hmm risotto, it's so good. Cheesy cheesy, butter. Hmmm….

  6. Marco Giacomelli says:

    It's important to point out that what you see now is what was spared by the bombings or repaired/rebuilt. Milan is a very old town as well but it was nearly destroyed during WW2. Actually, the Allies did everything they could to destroy everything but eventually understood that Milan's buildings didn't burn as Germany's and there was no point in going on. The cathedral itself was damaged. I think there are very awful buildings in Milan but there's a reason for that. Thank you for visiting.

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