24 Hour Travel Guide for Luxor Egypt

Luxor Egypt along the ancient Nile river is a wonderous and magical place. Join me as I show you the top things you need to see and do when you visit here, …

21 thoughts on “24 Hour Travel Guide for Luxor Egypt

  1. P-Jay says:

    Luxor is awesome but it's also the number one place in tourists harrasment I've ever been and I really have seen a lot of the world trust me people will just start following you trying to sell you stuff every 2 min you will be asked for horse ride children asking you for money people who wanna be your guide basically everyone is harrasing you all day long non stop and these people are not nice if you say no or ignore them that's definitely a big downside
    Luxor tempels 10/10
    Luxor People 0/10 it is so incredibly annoying

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