36 Hours in San Diego | Best Locals Travel Guide

As locals from San Diego, we can never decide exactly what to do in such an awesome city. That’s why we’re leaving it up to you! We’ve partnered with Google …

36 thoughts on “36 Hours in San Diego | Best Locals Travel Guide

  1. Thomas H says:

    Just came across this video, and we were so close by during our US road trip back in 2018. Seeing how beautiful and vibrant San Diego is, I really regret that we didn't opt to go there. Hopefully next time though!

  2. Louis Pete says:

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    Its a quaint beautiful city with the most perfect weather conceivable situated right on the pacific coast with small beautiful islands in middle of the ocean right across its downtown with 360 degree view of the blue sky year round and palm tress peppering its landscape. It gives you the perfect blend of the city /urban and sprawling suburban lifestyle with its waterside parks,museums, restaurants,clubs, lounges, diners, seaworld, theme parks, as well its gorgeous houses dotting the pacific coast as well as inland. But what makes it S.D. truly gr8 is the awesome warm and cool people that inhabit it. I fell in love with this place from the very first moment and i have been to every major city in the states and its hard to admit for a new yorker but San Deigo is probably the best city in America!!!!!

  4. Renae Mosley says:

    I love San Diego! I was there in 2006, sorry mate just missed you. Only downside was all the traffic. It was way more touristy than I expecting it to be. We stayed at hotel Coronado, the water was freezing for it being mid July, do not forget your wetsuit unless you want your tits to freeze. I love how ya'll ended up in Bellmont Park. I really enjoyed Coronado Museum of History and Art and eating ice cream sandwich on the beach everyday watching the sunset.

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