[4K] Chinatown in San Francisco, California USA – 2021 Walking Tour & Travel Guide 🎧 Binaural Sound

Exploring the streets of the oldest Chinatown in the USA, located in San Francisco, California. The Chinatown in San Francisco, California is the oldest …

29 thoughts on “[4K] Chinatown in San Francisco, California USA – 2021 Walking Tour & Travel Guide 🎧 Binaural Sound

  1. عازف على بيانو الحزن says:

    I am really hesitant to travel to America because of the large number of murders there and the high crime rate. Where is the best city or county in California that has a low crime rate please answer I am afraid when I arrive that I will die on the second day of my stay there 😂😂😂

  2. Brian Lau says:

    Wow this must have been taken very early before all the shops were open. Everything is closed and hardly anyone on the streets. Much different that my previous time in Chinatown several years ago.

  3. Angela Beck says:

    Thanks for walking on Pacific Ave, Jackson St, Washington, hilly Sacramento, Waverly pl & Ross Alley. Most You Tube walkers just stick to Grant Ave w/o filming the real Chinatown, which are the streets you turn to. Thanks for showing the beautiful murals and walking through Portsmouth Park.

  4. William Zavlaris says:

    Amazingly comprehensive stroll through the original Chinatown. So nice to see people slowly returning to the streets with the tourists on Grant Ave. and the locals on Stockton Street. Hopefully when the muni subway station is finally opened on Stockton (the construction site you passed), this will only help to revive a neighborhood that has been particularly hard hit by the pandemic. As pointed out by others, the Richmond and the Sunset districts to the west are the newer neighborhoods with large Chinese populations but nothing can replace the distinctive atmosphere of the old Chinatown. Thanks again for the wonderful walk.

  5. SEE DJINNS says:

    Hello my friend, thank you for your great work. Don't hesitate to return to the same place again. I speak for myself, I know that I love the south west coast, even if you return 100 times. I really like LA and all the cities around the region. Much love <3

  6. The One and only Pinky Pinky says:

    I live in NYC we have 9 official Chinatown. My husband is ABC. American born Chinese for the uninformed. I hate NYC Chinatowns. San Francisco has this famous one which is the oldest and the Richmond historic which is actually more authentic and less touristy. I love Chinatown San Fransisco because it is MUCH cleaner than any in NYC or the rest of the country! But the ethnic make up has changed in the one you filmed. The Chinese there come in to work. They have been here for a long time and no longer live in Chinatown. The better food is now in the Richmond district. But i love the one that you are filming. So clean and unlike NYC the Chinese there are friendly and not hostile to mixed couples. Here they al want to pretend they own my husband who wants nothing to do with their racism. San Fransisco is much nicer! Thank you for filming it is so beautiful! But if you want to have real authentic Un Americanized Chinese food go to Richmond!

  7. Sonia Maria de Figueiredo Fernandes says:

    Great! I really appreciated!
    Conhecer a cultura e a arte chinesa dentro dos EUA e aqui em São Paulo, no Brasil, é uma forma confortável de me manter próxima deste universo tão diferente! Aliás, a comida delesé bem apreciada, não?
    Deus guarde a paz e a arte que alegre a vida!E a boa comida abençoada! Heloisa

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