These Top 50 Japan Travel Tips are based on what I wish I knew before visiting Japan. This serves as a Japan Guide for travelers planning Japan travel and …

36 thoughts on “50 MUST know JAPAN Travel Tips – WATCH BEFORE YOU GO

  1. Debra Vance says:

    I've traveled to almost three dozen countries — the Japanese are the most polite and helpful people I have met anywhere. I stopped a man on the street to ask directions. Turns out, he was in a terrible hurry and did not have any time to help me. So he found somebody else, a married couple, who went out of their way to help me. And in the Narita train station, I asked a woman how to get to my connection. She was with a group and none of them spoke any English. So they all, every one of them, walked with me to my connection — and it was about a seven minute walk. If Japanese are this kind and thoughtful for strangers who are foreigners, how are they with friends and family?

  2. oliroli746 says:

    👌🤣 you should maybe spend more time there before giving tips 🤣 some of those tips are quite false and not explained well.. you shouldnt base your experience on only 2-3 cities you've visited (kyoto, osaka, kyoto…) 😅

  3. HawaiWillSink says:

    You barely find trash cans because people consume their snacks & drinks usually not on the go but directly at the place of purchase and leave their trash there. And even if they produce waste while no trash can is around, they take it with them until they find one or acutally take it back home.

  4. Niwichlaz says:

    Im sorry but its considered quite rude to eat or drink while walking so I wouldn't recommend walking and drinking also pronounce kawaii as (ku- why- e) instead of (k- oh- why)

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