7 Days Itinerary Spiti Valley | Spiti Valley Travel Guide 2021

Welcome to the summary of my 7 Day off-roading trip to the Spiti Valley across some of the most dangerous roads in the world. In this episode, I unravel your …

45 thoughts on “7 Days Itinerary Spiti Valley | Spiti Valley Travel Guide 2021

  1. Sahil Khan says:

    Akash bhai I'm planning to go to spiti in august and I'm having an hatchback but with good groud clearance 'ignis', I'm planning to go via manali and come via shimla, what do you suggest, should i go for it ? Will it be doable?

  2. Anirudh Shetty says:

    Hey! Very precise and informative video. Great job buddy.
    2 questions.
    What is your recommendation for the same route(chandigarh- Manali- spiti- kinnaur- shimla- chandigarh) but on bikes?

    Best time of the year to plan a bike trip for the sane route?

  3. Bharat Chaudhary says:

    It's not my place to say but i will because i know the future is not at all bright because of people like you, so called YouTube errrrrrrrrr.
    India as the most populous state in the world, there were and are only few places left which are little less unexplored, little commercialized and with very good people because people of materialistic value were not aware about the existence of such places but people like you for few dollars will make it public and responsible for ruining it in the end.
    Spiti is on of those places. I am visiting spiti since 2011. At that time there was no race of commercializing the place or ruining it by becoming Youtuber but now it is everyone is a fucking youtuber and intentionally, might be unintentionally killing the place.
    Agar itne bade so called wanderlust mannte ho naa apne aap ko, winter me ana spiti and spent entire winter there.
    Jao ghoom kar aayo nature ka mzaa lo, why in the world you have to announce to the entire wold 'i have been to spiti". You have no idea whats gonna happen because of such videos.

  4. Sandeep Gujjar says:

    Bro I have one question.. we are going to Spiti valley and Kelong in our own i20 car.. But we recently hear that there are the rules of Himachal taxi union that one can not visit lahul spiti valley in their own family car. Only yellow number hired taxies are allowed in that lahul spiti and Rohtang pass area. Is that true..?? Then how can we visit.. Plzz solve my problem bro.🙏🙏

  5. Aarav Johri says:

    My guy you're actually a legend I was searching for information regarding internet in spiti as i have to keep up with my college entrance forms and all and you're jio sim tip just saved me man🙌🙌 GREAT GREAT CONTENT SO FAR. Also can you please recommend some very good homestays in kaza?

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