A Tourist Guide in Accra | Travel Africa: Visit Ghana’s Capital

Princess Umul Hatiyya shows us her favorite places in the capital of Ghana, including Independence Square and the Makola shopping district. She also gives us …

28 thoughts on “A Tourist Guide in Accra | Travel Africa: Visit Ghana’s Capital

  1. Humbug says:

    Hello, are there also europeans living in Ghana/Accra? Seem to me that Ghana is developing more and more, really i country with good future in my opinion, very democratic country compared to others in africa.

  2. fred ado says:

    I regret clicking on this video, I was trying to explain to my colleagues at work that Ghana is a nice place and not what they see on tv and guess what this video proves them right. Beach full of rubbish, you can’t imagine the embarrassment on my face when they ask why rubbish everywhere. I don’t know why I rushed to click on this video when there are tons of videos showing nice and clean places in Accra. If I can give 1000 thumbs down on this video I will.

  3. Honoré SANGWA says:

    Nice video but am really sorry to say that I lived and worked in Accra but surprisingly I didn't find Accra dwellers that kind and open. Most people were rather cold, almost unfriendly and speaking the local Twi every where. One evening on my way home along with a colleague, we were assaulted by two armed dudes on a motorbike. It was in 2015, at Adabraka not far from the Trust Towers. Much love from Cameroon!

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