AMSTERDAM Travel Guide | 15 top things to do + Red Light District

The ULTIMATE Amsterdam travel guide. From those infamous coffee shops to the Red Light District, Amsterdam is full of surprises and jaw dropping moments.

41 thoughts on “AMSTERDAM Travel Guide | 15 top things to do + Red Light District

  1. Jason says:

    Myself and my mate went there a few years ago. First night went drinking in every bar in the red light district. The next day went walking through the city and got lost. We accidently ended up in the red light district again. We did the same thing again. Great fun but probably should have checked out some more of the city LOL

  2. Shaheen Nasser says:

    I am looking forward to visiting Amsterdam the coming weekend and chose to watch your video for a headsup. I feel greatful! 😃👍 Wonderful video and even better tips. Keep going.
    And if I am not wrong, I believe you haven't marked the 10th spot you visited in the video.

  3. Zoee Herrera says:

    Was this video mad during Covid? Is this how life is right now? Asking because I’m going next year in March. Seems like you have a bit of freedom out there!!! Thank you for the video

  4. Remko says:

    Only decent very well-behaved tourists are welcome.

    These are the fines you can expect if you are a bad tourist.

    Not adhering to quarantaine after arrival in the Netherlands: 444 euro

    Drinking alcohol outside in the street: 104 euro

    Being noisy: 104 euro

    Sleeping in car: 249 euro

    Littering: 104 euro

    Cycling on sidewalk or in pedestrian street: 104 euro

    Using bicycle bell without need: 79 euro

    Having a phone in hand while cycling: 104 euro

    Not wearing face mask in public transport or otherwise required etc: 104 euro

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