Amsterdam Travel Guide

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38 thoughts on “Amsterdam Travel Guide

  1. DoubleD says:

    been to the Dam on numerous occasions and love your vlogs, one visit you hadn`t mentioned was a few hours in Sauna Deco in the city centre, wow what a culture shock, saunas steam room and changing room are all unisex and total nudity is part of the culture, it`s a must for any tourist! PS for the lads take a cold shower as soon as you arrive, just in case!

  2. Sander Fitzwilliam says:

    Best travel tip for Amsterdam : Dont go to Amsterdam. There are many beautiful cities in The Netherlands, and yes, they also have coffeeshops and some even also red light districts. But more importantly, many other cities will have the famous canals, the famous museums with Dutch masters paintings, and well, everything Amsterdam has to offer , but much cheaper and quieter!
    I can recommend Haarlem, Utrecht and Leiden but there are many more interesting places. If you like modern architecture and skyscrapers, visit Rotterdam, not what you expect from a Dutch city! You can always visit Amsterdam on a day trip if you dont want to miss out, The Netherlands is a small country with great public transport so Amsterdam is rarely more than an hour away.

  3. Jason Barney says:

    GREAT video. You covered the transportation and food in depth. What I wish, though, is for you to talk more about those "off the tourist trek" places in the city and some of the neighborhoods.

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