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Austin – Whether you’re going for the music, food, or local art scene, you’ll find no shortage of things to do in this Texan city. Check out the top spots in Austin, …

27 thoughts on “Austin Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. Y says:

    As a UT graduate from China years ago, my first impression of Austin when I came was heat, strong sunshine, and downpours, the grass was yellow in the summer and turned to green near the wintertime, everything was in large portion size. Then I quickly fell in love with the city and Texas spirit. I don't know why, but years later, every time when I came back to Austin from other places, I felt like I was home and comfortable. I love Austin.

  2. Hazel Chan says:

    Austin: phony town full of phony Texans and phony people in general, all making phony rules, bowing to myriad gods, each created in the image of its self-egrandized self-worshipping maker. More homeless beggars than Carter's got pills–many encamped next to "Now Hiring" signs.

  3. PatriotJon says:

    Dont bother visiting. The Liberal Democrat Government is trying their best to Copy L.A. and San Francisco.
    Its a Liberal Democrap Poop Hole now, And everything is over priced of course.

  4. Souradeep Basu says:

    I love Austin, America 😍❤️♥️💙,but Deutschland is my ultimate preference for settlement if I can grab the opportunity anyhow,as it possesses a confined population with a heritage & weightage of its own culture which is sculpted in the rocks of ancient history.

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