Australia The Ultimate Travel Guide | Best Places to Visit | Top Attractions

Australia is a wild and beautiful place, a land whose color palette of red outback sands and Technicolor reefs frames sophisticated cities and soulful Indigenous …

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  1. Benjamin Gal-Or says:

    Can it be in vast, 90-Govs-owned, One-With-Nature, OWN, Virus-Free-Refuges, VFR, with current attempts? 2020-2021-Study uses Square-Root Diffusion-Science-VFR-Designs for 500k islands, 30k-atolls, M-Km-4-Lane-Highway-Sides w. 50-ft-apart-max-2-floors-OWN-Restaurants-Services-Between-Lanes? Olds First?
    "Answer-not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him" King Solomon…

  2. CHILL HOP ZONE says:

    the question shouldn't be "why would you go to Australia?" but rather "why would you want travel anywhere else other than Australia?….maybe apart from New Zealand 😁"

    Seriously though, it's not as dangerous a place as people make out, it's just that a lot of it is very minimally populated (large regions where it's unsustainable to have cities of people) but as a result those parts are particularly jam packed full of spectacular natural vistas. I'm lucky to have a reserve on my side doorstep (that ironically 'snakes' under 2 intersecting freeways) and while I'm sure there are snakes there I haven't yet seen any and as long as I walk carefully (by making a bit of noise while walking in any long grass) I may not actually see any there for years to come. Most snakes don't tend to inhabit the water, and those that do are in tropical climates (in places such Darwin or in the state of Queensland). I have seen Kangaroos there, albeit only on a few occassions and only 2 pairs of them.

    Also, the vast majority of spiders in Australia aren't really dangerous to humans (including most of the large ones). And for anyone who hasn't actually seen an Australian possum in Australia I'm happy to say that they look incredibly different from their American relatives (particularly Australian ringtail possums, that making light twittering voice and who look adorable, and even the brushtail possums (that at times exchange threatening sounding noises towards each other) are amazing looking and acting creatures). I do however completely understand why many New Zealanders don't like them, but that's because they were an introduced species to New Zealand and as such along with rats and stoats have sadly had as big an impact on New Zealand's native fauna and general local ecosystem in general as the impact that rats, cats, feral foxes and cane toads have had on Australia's native ecosystem (albeit via varying ways).

    I spent my early years growing up in the bush and I never once got bitten by a spider or in fact stung by anything, but within a month of moving down to the suburbs I got stung by a bee and then by a wasp (both being species that were introduced to Australia and are not native).

    Something that Australia has which relatively few other countries have is a large variety of natural wonders, both on land and in the water, and also a range of very different climates in different parts of the country.
    But as amazing as the natural landscape is the amount of deforestation and increased suburban sprawl I the major cities over the past 5 decades has been immense, and only become faster with the turn of the 21st century. Our reefs are quickly changing (most of which is irrevocable) and most people (including most farmers) agree that more needs to be done to decrease the amount of chemical 'run-off' that exists in some major river systems (including some that feed out onto sections of the Great Barrier Reef) and to minimise currently rising sea temperatures.

    Such places will forever remain amazing, but we do need to do what we can to ensure that they and countless other natural environments the world over are protected by us as much as is possible.

  3. mohd zulfiqar says:

    I went to Australia back in 2017 to attend my friend's wedding in Perth(I met her in Canada during college😅) during that time I also got the opportunity to visit other parts of Australia like Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra. I'm originally from India and I'm also a MUSLIM. I did my graduation in canada and i have traveled to almost 18 countries (mostly western countries) Luckily I had rarely experienced racism. So this was a 15 days trip, If someone else was in my place, he/she might have thought that they could stay here for a few more days, but I was thinking that this trip should end as soon as possible. I experienced more than 50 incidents of racism in those 15 days in Australia. I remember me and Caroline (it was her wedding) were in a showroom in Perth to buy shoes for her, so i was looking at a shoe, and I accidentally dropped it, this lady behind me started yelling at me, she said i belong to a mannerless cult, I instantly apologized, but maybe she was not in a mood to listen to my apology. She got more angry and cursed Islam and Allah SWT, she said "you all are TERRORISTS, you shouldn't be allowed to walk freely in our country, go back to your sand house where you came from", hearing those words, I was just stunned, it felt like every eye in that room was looking at me and demanding justification, I didn't even know what should I say in my defense. No one in that room came forward to help me but Caroline. We went straight back to her home, my eyes were filled with tears, she kept apologizing as she was driving on our way home.

  4. 87 FBI says:

    I love it, the morning sunset inside the sun is warmy and peaceful in my heart. I love the countryside in Australia as i love the grass, the wind, the air as love feeling. I hope that i could return to vist my big family and my love expectfully

  5. stu van says:

    my beautiful Australia…one of the most successful resilient countries on earth…respect our first Australians but modern Australia would be nothing without Christian Europeans and the Anglo Saxon system..with a bit of respect to some Asian and Indian Australians. and of course all the lovely animals in this gigantic continent. it just works. love you oz!

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