Bali Travel Guide – How to travel Bali for First-timers

Welcome to my Bali travel guide. This guide was based on my own trip to Bali and will cover the best things to do in Bali, transportation, travel tips, and more.

36 thoughts on “Bali Travel Guide – How to travel Bali for First-timers

  1. Drew Taylor says:

    Been to Bali a couple of times. A favorite foot. Great video, informative, relaxed and actually about Bali. Not all that hipster “look at me, look at me” stuff!. Well done, going back next spring! Your video brought back great feelings of indescribable Bali vibe.

  2. BUXXB says:

    Hey Allan. I've watched 3 of your videos inside 24hrs. You are really good. I am surprised you do not have more subscribers. Your music is better on your later videos, like Japan and Iceland, though.

  3. Marijan Ćorluka says:

    Hi people. Is there anyone who went to Indo during covid or is there anyone who is currently there? I need help with going there. Can you tell me about sponsors and visa, any info would be helpful!

  4. Bali Travel Organizer says:

    Wow, i agree with you allan,

    Look so different now here, Bali Totaly Empty, no tourist. Hope this pandemic over soon and we can start our normal life again and we can feed our Family well again, Btw, i do have some new video of Bali situation on 2021. Please visit my Channel please…

  5. Tiffany Morris says:

    Happy New Year 2021 everyone ❤️🎉🎈🥳🎊👍😊Have a wonderful day Never Give Up Don’t quit it’s Going To Be Okay Be Still Everything be right I like Outdoors Move live In Utah Beautiful See Mountains Go Hiking Walk On The Trails Happy Wednesday

  6. Nathalie's World says:

    I always wonder why Bali is so high rated by travellers.
    I went there 3 years ago. That's for sure a very beautiful place, but there is so much more to discover in Indonesia with some incredible volcanoes, amazing diving spot and a crazy diversity between islands.

  7. Lucky Charm says:

    Cool place but too much foreigners. Past experiences proves that the local people would first treat the foreigners before people that look like the locals. Like me. I’ll skip this place.

  8. Gamer Masta says:

    When music is plaed over video footage it sets a mood instead of letting the watcher determine the mood it tries to biase the mood. You could get there and be conpketely dissapointed once you realize the atmosphere from the music is not present.

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