Barcelona Travel Guide

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38 thoughts on “Barcelona Travel Guide

  1. Attaché says:

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  2. Mr. Top 10 says:

    Barcelona is a beautiful city and I would definitely recommend visiting. It’s a very safe city to travel by yourself. The first time I visited this city I went by myself and I was nervous because I had never visited Europe and didn’t know what to expect. From the airport I took the bus which went straight to the city center. I liked that It has free wifi. I got there at night and walked a few blocks from the bus stop to my hotel and was a little scared at first but it after being there for a couple days I realized that it was a very safe city and there’s no reason to be scared. Sometimes I was out during the middle of the night and never felt any danger. I never had any problems with pickpockets. I always carried a backpack with a lock and never got anything stolen. Definitely visit this beautiful city, I’m hoping to go back after covid, hopefully Messi is still playing with barcelona haha.

  3. Agent says:

    I love Barcelona & I love the food scene. But I won’t rank it that high. If food in Europe alone is the category, Italy hands down, holds that title. And I would rank it in the top 3 best along with Japan & Thailand.

  4. No I'm Spartacus says:

    I love Barcelona as i go most year to watch football. Its a wonderful city. Thankfully this year i went in January just before the virus started so i was lucky. God knows wen i can go back due to covid

  5. Mr NixxxoN says:

    Siesta is a myth, please stop repeating this. It's fake news.
    Maybe in southern spain still exists to some degree, but in Barcelona/Catalonia? Nope. We have dinner late but its not because of siesta or any particular reason, its just our culture, we just do it like that.

  6. Notre Dame says:

    Torremolinos bus driver cheater ungenuine by giving less the change. Full corrupt. Let the illegals imitation sellers along the beach and bothering the tourists. Like conspiration with the aurhorities. The same with carton box jackpot playing in Benidorm.

  7. Lorenzo Segatta says:

    If someone wants to be a travel guide must study and must be open mind.Thank you for your support too.Olèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèèè

  8. Goats On The Road says:

    Super useful video but I can’t believe it:

    “Best food city in Europe”

    “We only have a short time in Barcelona”

    Then wastes a meal in McDonald’s and actually promotes it to people online. You lost a like and a potential subscriber in me.

    Otherwise a great video man! Such a shame

    Travel isn’t about visiting McDonald’s… onions and doughnuts were the only other meals mentioned.

    There are up and coming restaurants that would’ve loved this spotlight time you gave. Instead it’s given to a multinational conglomerate at the head of an obesity crisis that needs no more promotion.

    Seriously well done otherwise.

    Too bad.

  9. Gess Healey says:

    Thanks, that was helpful. It would be helpful to let folks know they should have tickets (online/printed?) for Sagrada, Park Güelle, Monserrat, etc. We bought our yesterday @ home (NM/USA) for next week!

  10. Adil Hasanović says:

    pick-pockets are real
    If you stay more than a day you will have stuff stolen doesn't matter if it's tied down locked or in your pants when you get to your hotel you will probably have something missing
    I would 100% recommend if visiting barcelona to try not to use trains as your main form of transport
    And try to avoid la rambla it's expensive and you will be pick pocketed

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