Bonaire Travel Guide | The Best Things to See and Do in Bonaire

We had an amazing time exploring the island of Bonaire. This is my Bonaire Travel Guide where I’ve highlighted some of the great things to see and do in …

29 thoughts on “Bonaire Travel Guide | The Best Things to See and Do in Bonaire

  1. zalgrade says:

    "It looks like fun but probably not something I would be able to do." Average Tourist, windsurfing is easy peasy lemon squeazy, if you can stand and walk upright, you can windsurf. I could teach you how in under an hour, no problem, easier than riding a bicycle. Can you ride a bike?

  2. Naomi Assistant says:

    You saw the south of Bonaire Beautiful and colorful Next time go North It's completely opposite but equally as beautiful and colorful If you enjoy the beach and nature you should take the water taxi to the small island And of course snorkeling is a big recommendation Hopi you visit again soon 🙂

  3. Swiss Sights says:

    I love Bonaire! I have been there several times for scuba diving and konw this island very well! Thank you for sharing this island trip to refresh my memories! Big like! Greetings from Switzerland!

  4. Kita the Explorer says:

    I agree. It is always important to learn the history of a place you are exploring. OMG I would love to be on the water right now! I love a nice quick tour when you are only somewhere for a short time period. That is great that there were plenty of tours lined up right outside of the cruise ship so you didn't have to look far. Looks like a cool place to visit! Thanks for sharing!

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