Boston Travel Guide

Our Boston travel guide! We braved a Boston February to explore this amazing east coast city and we had a fantastic time, what a city. Want to go to Boston too?

26 thoughts on “Boston Travel Guide

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  2. Boston Dan says:

    Here are a few tips from a local1. Don't drive, parking is horrible (see #10)
    2. Boston Common is pretty, but boring
    3. Visit during the fall
    4. Mike's and Modern (pastry shops) are tourist traps. You can get a cannoli at a number of places in the North End without a line, try Bova instead.
    5. Our bars close by 2am
    6. Don't attempt the accent (no one likes a fake Boston accent)
    7. It's not the Boston from the movies
    8. If you want to do a tour, try a Pedicab
    9. Never buy Sox tickets in advance, buy online day of game.
    10. Bike is the best way to get around town, but can be dangerous if you're not used to city riding
    11. Follow Boston Dan on all social media

  3. Ron Hanisco says:

    I am an ironworker in Boston and I rebuilt the SCJ. Also built the new Liberty hotel behind the jail. Proud of that. It was very challenging, but we got it done. Now I can't afford to eat there. LOL

  4. Russo39 says:

    Yes, always tip… bartenders and waitresses get paid about $2/hour. They basically work strictly for tips. If you have bad service, tip less… but always tip. Industry standard on food is 20%, or $1 a beer at a bar.

  5. Gail LaMontagne says:

    I really enjoyed the presentation and your personality but I have one a suggestion: please enunciate very clearly the names of streets, restaurants, etc. I had difficulty understanding what you said because it is unfamiliar. ( It would be the same for you if I said, "You must see Multnomah Falls outside of Portland, if you didn't see it in writing) It would help to have any names you are using printed at the bottom of the screen. I did get a couple of the names, Trillium Brewery and the Liberty Hotel, but I missed others and I'd rather not have to listen several times to get the information.

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