Boston Travel Tips: 10 Things to Know Before You Go

Everything YOU need to know before you travel to Boston Massachusetts in the USA. Boston is the hub of New England, in the Northeast of the United States.

25 thoughts on “Boston Travel Tips: 10 Things to Know Before You Go

  1. Alan Swanson says:

    My advise go upstate very pretty up there the seafood is just as good and none of the crowds. Just got back Tuesday seeing the harbor was cool, but other than that you can keep it.

  2. R Dozzi says:

    Boston WAS the Cradle of Liberty!
    Was a freedom trail!
    The marxistsbastards run things!
    Now our Liberty is a souvenir.
    Go to city hall…see if you can exercise your Liberty!
    Go to fanuel hall to exercise you right to speak!
    See how far you get before the 'brown shirts' are on you.
    2021 all about the $$$$$ and tourist.
    No Liberty here!
    Born and raised EB 1949
    I know.
    Semper fi Patriots Dozzi

  3. Peter White says:

    Couple of things;

    1. Locals don't call Boston "beantown". If you openly call it such you might as well tattoo "tourist" on your forehead.

    2. The Sandwich of Earl is the old renovated public bathroom. Why the outside looks turn of the century, because it is.

    3. The 'iconic' bridge in the garden you pointed out is the worlds shortest suspension bridge.

    4. Modern Pastry > Mikes pastry. Also Mike is a jerk so don't support him.

    5. Do yourself a favor, USE public transportation if you can and leave the car at home, will also save yourself a lot of $ in parking fees/fines

    6. He is incorrect, many of the streets are strait (like backbay which is a literal grid like NYC) it's just downtown/north end they are not as they were the original cow paths/colonial roads paved over. But he is correct like I said above if you can avoid don't drive. TONS of public transit options and they run frequently.

    7. ~40{12475aba99fbbdf56eb8cf142f8fea6ec42c6e82e2efd03308c3f41cc5142c03} of the population is college people, average age in Boston ~32 due to all the college kids.

    8. grinders is more CT/southern NE term, Boston is mostly called subs but if you do call it a grinder most folks will know what you mean.

  4. Julia Pockat says:

    Current MIT student here! Thanks for the overview of stuff to do in Boston! Usually I just go into Boston and wander rather than looking at particular sites but I think I'll check some of these out.

  5. CoCoCrispy says:

    Also for pastries, everyone says mikes but i gotta give a shoutout to Bovas Bakery haha. Thats the spot. Also can confirm, don’t drive in Boston if you can possibly avoid it lmao

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