BRISBANE Travel Guide: Budget Tips | Little Grey Box

TravelWell in Brisbane with our awesome budget-friendly travel guide! Here are some of the very best, free, and affordable things to see, do and eat in Brisbane …

47 thoughts on “BRISBANE Travel Guide: Budget Tips | Little Grey Box

  1. Felicity Page says:

    Fantastic video as always. You must head to the left of Wellington Point and come visit Wynnum/Manly! The Sunday markets are fantastic & they have some cute cafes. Including Groundhog Social and newly renovated Manly Boathouse. ☺️

  2. Victor Sum says:

    I did the walking tour which was so much fun! I wish i knew about the Asian restaurant reccos and the Wellington beach. That would’ve made my trip even better! Makes me wanna come to Bris Vegas again haha. Great video as usual!

  3. KJ and Tay says:

    Have you been to Manly/Wynnum area? That is where I live and it has a beautiful Esplanade along the water, plus some great bars (cedar and pine, Waterloo bay hotel, the fat duck) plus some beautiful restaurants (rabbit hole, Mr Hibachi)

  4. Felix Cattenstart says:

    I loved the public swimming pool in South Bank and the views at Kangaroo Cliffs. Of course when I was in Brissie I needed to stay at my self-named hotel Oaks FELIX haha! The City Botanic Gardens were gorgeous too, we spent our last day there. Even big birds come visit you at the cafe. I should've known about the Asian restaurant when I was there. Reason enough to go back together with a visit to Wellington Point, what an amazing scenery, can't believe I missed out on that! Next time I will visit Brisbane, I'll use it as a starting point towards Cairns 😊. Thanks for sharing and have a great week 🤙!

  5. Francis Roe says:

    Any chance at some point you could do west Australia? I have family friends I want to visit (in 1-10 years after the pandemic) and something similar for western Australia would be great

  6. Lonk says:

    I always enjoy your videos, even if I dont comment :). As someone whos doing an exchange semester to brisbaine july next year (fingers crossed) i will bookmark this video 🙂 It also motivates me to push trough these never ending application documents 😀

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