Cabo Travel Guide Part 2 | Cabo Day Trips | La Paz | Todos Santos

Part 1 was about all things Cabo. This video is about Cabo & beyond; from the beautiful town of Todos Santos to the fishing town of La Paz! Tune in to both …

34 thoughts on “Cabo Travel Guide Part 2 | Cabo Day Trips | La Paz | Todos Santos

  1. H.I.M says:

    I love your videos! Is your camera team for hire? I wanted to maybe visit one of these areas and would love to hire your team to help me with capturing my trip. Is this something thats possible?

  2. JetsetJose says:

    Jubril, your videos have been super dope for the longest time that I have been following you. Keep doing what you’re doing. I will definitely return to this video when I finally book my Cabo trip.

  3. ajbug77 says:

    Wonderful video, I especially enjoyed places that the locals go and where they recommend, tourists spots are often overrated and definitely overpriced. It's great to see how they live, how they eat, to overall get a REAL FEEL for a place (that beach at the bay was a GEM! I def wanna check that out!) And the end was hilarious! Keep em comin'.

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