Cancun Mexico Travel Guide 2021

This is a Cancun 2021 travel guide that also includes an Isla Mujeres Mexico travel guide tour. We spent a couple days in Cancun when we first arrived in the …

13 thoughts on “Cancun Mexico Travel Guide 2021

  1. Oscar Lugo says:

    Yep, $35 for a short ride to your hotel is a rip-off. Mex. gov't decided to let taxi cab union kick Uber out of Cancun (and I think Tulum also, so maybe the entire state of Q.Roo), but not out of the entire Yucatan peninsula. So my parents decided to split a car rental there with my wife and I to explore all we want wherever/whenever we wanted for a whole week. (Included Cozumel Island without paying extra.) Don't remember the price, but I'm glad we didn't have to deal with inconveniently waiting for some crazy colectivo drivers in remote areas, only for them to jump the topes (speed bumps) all the time. (Worth it if you include trips to Chichen Itza, Valladolid, Holbox Island, other cenotes, all in the state of Yucatan WITHOUT using toll roads.)

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