Cappadocia is one of the most magical regions in all Turkey. One that will offer us stunning and unique landscape. I consider Cappadocia should be on the must …

46 thoughts on “Cappadocia, Turkey 2021 | TOP ATTRACTIONS, FULL TRAVEL GUIDE

  1. Devne Devne says:

    I was there in August 2019 and i rent car also. Derinkuyu is amazing but iam afraid to go inside😁. Thanks for the video, so i can see without going inside. April 2022 will visit again your beautiful gorgeous country..

  2. kwan tity says:

    is'nt it better to take a flight from istanbul to Nevsehir ? Nevsehir i closer to goreme maybe 15 min. ride. the flight is 10 $ more , but it sound more convenient to get to goreme.

  3. Karina Goulordava says:

    Thank you always for your very helpful and useful videos. I was wondering if you have any information on covid restrictions in Cappadocia. I have read that there are no hot airballons on the weekends. Is there anything else affected?

  4. Linda Lopez says:

    Wow just breathtaking and I plan to visit September 2022.
    Would love to see a video on Turkish series filming locations. I have been watching tons of Turkish series during quarantine and have fallen in love with this country. I think a tour of some of these places would be interesting.

  5. Mouana Sabeh says:

    Came to Cappadocia with a tour a few years ago, after watching this, I’m excited to visit it again alone. I’m sure it’s so much nicer on my own pace without the super touristy places the tour takes us to.

  6. Dario Castellanos says:

    Hi Bery (I wonder if Betty is your name), thank you again for this fantastic video. Just one question, fron IST can you fly to Goreme, or, what's the nearest airport? We want to do the hot air balloon rides, wonder how much it will cost. Tips galore from you, gracias!!

  7. ARACELY MERAZ says:

    Hola Bery mire tu comentario en “de mi rancho a tu cocina” y mire que vives en Turkey, sabes me encantan las series turcas y estoy mirando tus videos y canal y me acabo de suscribir. Ojalá me saludes

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