CDC issues new air travel guidelines for fully vaccinated Americans | GMA

The announcement comes as more than 39% of Americans over the age of 18 have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Subscribe to GMA’s …

26 thoughts on “CDC issues new air travel guidelines for fully vaccinated Americans | GMA

  1. M Dave says:

    Fuck CDC! They’re corrupt and are in it with this criminal violation of human rights and freedom! Questionable vaccines aren’t preventing spreading and catching! I knew this Masonic controlled pandemic will end up limiting our already limited freedoms now we can’t move! Evil!!

  2. vshah1010 says:

    CDC: Fully vaccinated people still need to wear a mask and social distance when flying.
    Me: Does anyone see something wrong when you still have to wear a mask after you got the vaccine?

  3. donna Kim says:

    I’m not the governments experiment I’m not getting the vaccine until there is hard core evidence that is works. I refuse to be on of those people in 3 years suing because it made me sterile. Or cause some other long term problem with my body. So my family will wait a few years.

  4. Pebbles 💖 says:

    The comments on here about not having to wear a mask anymore cause you got the shot is so false!! Just cause people have the shot doesn't mean you don't have to wear the mask anymore, the virus is still out there things take time. You don't go get the shot and everything is okay, it's going to take a while for things to go back to normal.

  5. Cherie Hayes says:

    Look it up!! They still refer it to a clinical test. That means it's not been proven. Look up how they are inticieing people to take it. My jobs health care provider is offering $100 for each associate who takes it. WHY??? I've researched others and some are offering over time pay, extra vacation day. Heck I seen where 1 company was offering TV. What is the real agenda.

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