Chattanooga Travel Guide – A Tennessee Getaway

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48 thoughts on “Chattanooga Travel Guide – A Tennessee Getaway

  1. Rod Coulter says:

    WOW….great video…born there in ‘54. Lived there till ‘73 College days. Get back once a year or so.
    It is truly the “Scenic City.” Absolutely a beautiful place. When you grow up somewhere, you don’t notice it.
    Years later, when you go back, you sure do. Drive Missionary Ridge. It’s my old neighborhood. Amazing.
    So..improved since ‘73. The “Natural Beauty” was always there.
    With RiverWalk and the RiverBend Music festival. ….thanks for making me homesick….

  2. jake walker says:

    Chattanooga is a great city I’ve lived here my whole life but for any travelers coming in I suggest not going downtown at night it gets very sketchy and sometimes unsafe.

  3. Anne Keazer says:

    Last month I spent a week in Chattanooga. It was a very lovely city. The people were friendly and the city was very pretty. It did smell funny though. Some people said it was the river some said that it was coal used in some of the factories. I do recommend visiting this nice city if you have the chance.

  4. Dan Carson says:

    We have passed by Chattanooga so many times on our way to Florida, on I-75, and never really gave it a serious thought. Now we have to make it a destination by itself. What an eye-opener!!! Thank you so much for doing this video!!! AND… thanks for never letting the quality of your videos slip. Top tier quality every time!!!

  5. Sara Ingvardsen says:

    Such an amazing video!! What is the weather typically like in Chattanooga? From Northern California but currently living in Orlando Florida and seriously considering moving here! I've never been but plan on visiting soon and want to gauge what the humidity is typically like, rainfall, and bug presence like mosquitoes since they tend to love me!!

  6. Davy Vereeken says:

    I think i have watched this episode more then 5 times now. As a belgian we don’t really know much besides california and florida. But i must say that chattanooga is very very nice.

  7. Kristina Bartlett says:

    Absolutely not. Car theft is through the roof right now and police do not patrol these tourist traps near enough. Speeding has become so dangerous, no one obeys or respects traffic lights. If you come here there is a high probability you will leave a victim of a crime. This place doesn’t even take pride in its roads, to fix them or plant some greenery. After our history as one of the dirtiest cities and they still continue to do work and blow dust and chemicals all around the air here. Our restaurants also are not equipped with the mentality of serving tourists & many of our long time businesses are not doing well. The money from people coming here is not going back into the community so I don’t support this at all.

  8. Martin Dietrich says:

    Last time I Was in the US, I drove through that town. Next year I will take time there. Thank you for showing. It is an amazing Video. Maybe you can tell me the name of the Songs you use. I love the music you choose in every Video. Maybe you can write the music in the discribtion.
    Thank you so much. Best wishes from Berlin, Germany.

  9. Zeek Hedgehog says:

    This might be the best video I have ever seen about Chattanooga.

    I am glad you mentioned the Lake Nickajack rest area. It's easily my favorite rest area I have been to. Nice views, and a great place to relax.

    You did make one small error. The animal known as Tom Brady isn't a horned animal at all, but rather a spotted cat who is famous for running quickly. 😛

    All jokes aside, awesome video about my favorite southern city. 🙂

  10. Charles O says:

    Commenting before completing the video but I am a Chattanooga native. If you come to visit, do not leave without eating lunch at Bea's Restaurant. They have the best southern food in Chattanooga and is one of the oldest, in business since 1950. You haven't visited if you haven't eaten there. Coolidge park is fantastic for peaceful park day with kids. However, don't stick around too late, especially on weekends. It can become very unfriendly after hours. Beautiful city, nearly unlimited variety of outdoor activities. There is a lot packed into this mid-size city that could rival many larger cities.

  11. John Luquer says:

    I moved here (to Chattanooga) in 1998 because of downtown and the art district. It is just a very nice place to hang out. It has grown a lot over the past 20+ years. Some places you might also hit next time you come that I as a local personally enjoy. You can search for them on the internet. The River Street Deli, Bruce, the owner usually takes the orders and tells the specials. Heavenly Wings on 3rd street at holtzclaw. Rembrants coffee shop.

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