Chicago Illinois Travel Guide 2021

Have you been in search of things to do in Chicago when you visit? This Chicago travel guide gives you travel ideas for your next vacation to Chicago.

32 thoughts on “Chicago Illinois Travel Guide 2021

  1. Matthew Shin says:

    Grew up in the northern suburbs, went to grad school at UChicago in Hyde Park, now live in the near south side, and work in the Loop.

    I used to love Chicago before I saw what the majority (2/3) of it really was, a neglected, crumbling war zone. The city is a gilded façade (Loop and north side) built on a rotting foundation (south and west sides).

    Not all cities are perfectly equal, but in no other city I've visited in Europe, Asia, Canada, or even the US does it feel like you're boarding a train at the Trocadéro in 2000s Paris and getting out at 1970s Busan.

    It's a fine place to visit and be blissfully ignorant to what a shit show it really is. But for the love of god, do not move here.

  2. Shonda says:

    Thorough enjoyment here with your videos. You put a lot of heart and thought into them. Fantastic quality and I love the music selection! That one part reminded me of the underground Atlanta a little

  3. anthony dyson says:

    Do not EVER EVER EVER allow your life to end up trapped in a big city like Chicago or any city in the Midwest where it gets ultra cold. I’ve lived here 52 years on all sides of this city and I’am going to save your LIFE. Do not come here, imagine 99 ants in a Nike shoe box and then they drop you in, you’re crashing into everyone with no room to spare. Living in Chicago or a big city like this is one of the most toxic things you can do to your life, these videos aren’t telling you the truth, many are paid to be here because Chicago lost residents due to over taxation, corruption from politicians, ultra, ultra violence from gangs and bad schools, the list goes on and on. You never ever want to move into this city, it’s over saturated with ppl living on top of each other, behind each other, every direction you go there’s 10 thousand ppl coming at you, there’s no room to breathe, the drivers are road rageful and wreckless and all you see are accidents everywhere. Chicago is a very very dangerous and TOXIC ENVIRONMENT, don’t come here or bring your family here. Don’t get me wrong, there are beautiful ppl here but they are outnumbered by assholes and murderers. They have red light cameras everywhere to make money off the citizens because the politicians steal monies and the budget isn’t enough. My granny died here at 102, I learned from her this city has always been violent n corrupted and will always be. As a Blackman I’ve been all over this country and to foreign countries, no place is this bad. I love all humans regardless of race or gender. If you just have to come to Illinois (which I hope u don’t) pleaseeeee avoid any interactions with the City of Chicago, move to a far off suburban area for the safety of u and you’re family. The best thing I ever did in life was leave here, the worst thing I ever did was come back.

  4. Mrs Munir says:

    کیبل ہے دکان ہے تار چوری کی پیسوں سے
    ملازمین فلمیں دیکھتے ہیں

    پاگل دا بچہ کھمبہ ہے نگرانی ہے

  5. Kayla W. says:

    I am visiting Chicago In three weeks, can’t wait and getting so excited 😆 watching your video, I also watched your video about Boston which will be my first stops next to Chicago.

  6. allen duncan says:

    Wow Chicago is my hometown I have not been there in years my family moved here to Texas when I was 14 years old and I was there before my aunt died I was 26 years old at the time now I'm 42 and I have not been there ever since my aunt passed away it has really developed into something nice it was always beautiful but it has gotten so much more advanced I think I owe myself the time to go back up there to see old friends and family members

  7. Joseph Fisher says:

    This is the best Chicago travel video I've ever seen! Nice work! Chi town gets a bad reputation from Fox News and I'm not trying to get political but sure Chicago has a bad gang problem on the Southside and Westside but any tourists with common sense would not even think to venture into these neighborhoods but with that being said there are some good soul food spots on the Southside that are worth checking out!

  8. Jerry says:

    Be careful visiting Chicago . Gangs beat and rob shoppers on the magnificent mile. When they clash with each other the bystanders often get killed by stray gunfire. It’s happened at the zoo , museums, restaurants Navy pier and ball parks . Defunding the police has just made it worse . Think twice before visiting Chicago!

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