Cologne (Köln) – Germany Bucket List Travel Guide

Cologne is a German city on the banks of the River Rhein. It’s a lovely city that’s famous for its cathedral, its beer, it’s bridge and famous sports teams. But what …

35 thoughts on “Cologne (Köln) – Germany Bucket List Travel Guide

  1. boahkeinbockmehr says:

    Some random trivia: cologne was founded 2040 years ago (19 b.c.) and was the birthplace of the wife of the roman emperor claudius who made her husband change the status of her home town to that of a colonia (colonia claudia ara agrippinensium) – hence the modern name.
    It was part of the Hanseatic league, at the end of the medieval era and long into the new age biggest walled city in northern europe even dwarfing paris, the resting place of the three biblical magi (in the cathedral which btw took 800 years to complete (and only once the prussians had taken over and forced us to actually work) and besides Jerusalem and Rome one of the three holy cities of catholic Christendom

  2. J Mac says:

    I have to go here it's my dream. I need to see that cathedral and I nd to come at Christmas to the markets. Is cologne nice and safe and are tourists from America welcome?

  3. Tim Bucci says:

    No one does Christmas Markets better than the Germans. The Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park London tries to emulate a Christmas Market, but it is a joke. I would have thought London could have done better. But out of that experience, I learned that Germany is the only place that does Christmas Markets worth visiting.

  4. Assem Almoghrabi says:

    Hi ninh. I went to cologne at August 2019 to meet some of my family members. And it was great. I do recommend you hire an electric scooter which you can see people using, and discover cologne using it. It is worth it!

  5. Carol Marshall says:

    Lived In Germany for over 41/2years , they're christmas markets are awesome. Never took the opportunity to see a bundesliga game but its on my bucket list. Berlin is my favourite city to visit ☺️

  6. theblackbox says:

    Hi Ninh,
    if you want a "real" German City to visit with a castle and old buildings and THE Christmas-market, then come to Nuremberg!
    I'll even show you around, if you need a tourguide!
    Keep up the good work! 🙂

  7. losangelesnefastvs says:

    When I was there for a day layover en route to Krakow (highly recommended), I visted the Farina House, which is the original manufacturer of "eau de Cologne". Farina cologne is remarkably pleasant and the museum is very informative. I recommend.

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