Copenhagen Travel Guide

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37 thoughts on “Copenhagen Travel Guide

  1. Angelica Ponce says:

    I was passing by on my way to’ Stockholm and my plan was to ride the train from the airport so when I got my ticket and seated to wait for the train it felt so peaceful that I was just transported to daydreaming—- I couldn’t believe that Copenhagen train station could feel a restful place——-

  2. Traveling is FREEDOM says:

    This is a really charming city, my favorite ever I must add, I hope I can visit again sometime in the future when all this is over. Seeing and sharing places like this is why I love traveling and make videos so much!

  3. David Hawkins says:

    I know a lovely family in Denmark and have been invited to spend some time with them when it’s safe to do so. I dare say that a day out in Copenhagen will be factored in to my visit, and judging from this excellent video, I’m sure that I’ll have a memorable time there.

  4. CincyDude5 says:

    Is there actually any sightseeing in CPH or is it all eating and bopping around on trains or bikes? I won't say that is video is entirely useless because now I know how many krone there are to the euro. Zzzzzz….

  5. Luffe Gåsen says:

    Actually the 2 zone ticket will last for 75 minuttes, not just 60 … The price's the same, though! 😉

    And yeah … DO get a ticket before entering any of the public transport … If you get caught by the ticket inspectors, then the fine will be 750 DKK! A SLIIIGHT dent in your money! :-/

    When getting of a buss or crossing the street, DO look out for the bikes! They WILL kill you by running you over! 😉
    A couple of years ago I (I'm a bus driver in Copenhagen) had two North American tourists (one M and one F) in the bus. At the end of the line at Rådhuspladsen in downtown Copenhagen, they had some general questions about Copenhagen. I answered to the best of my abilities, and they left the buss, before I could warn them about the bikes … He was almost run over by some bikes rushing bikes! So DO be careful! 🙂

  6. lifesamitch says:

    Never got around to thanking you for these videos through Scandinavia, they were a great help and guide when we visited early 2019. Funny story, we went to the Mikkeller bar (9:30) featured and found it to be a great little hang out spot, but I started chatting with Kristian and mentioned how we found this place via this video, and he was adamant he didn’t know what I was talking about until I brought up the video in front of him. He then became reserved and kind of walked off. Not sure if he was humbled, or thought we were contract killers! Ha… Either way, looking forward to more videos post-COVID 👊🏻

  7. Frands Kristiansen says:

    The 25% sales tax is included in all listed prices, and you are not expected to tip in restaurants, because everyone is paid a living wage… so… I would bet compared to London or New York.. over all, CPH is cheaper.

  8. Sabi-Arts says:

    Damn that was some expensive beer! If you wanna save money on it then buy it in a grocery store, it's way cheaper, and you're allowed to drink alcohol almost anywhere, so especially in summer it's easy to find a sunny spot to enjoy a six pack in

  9. Alfie Tjen says:

    Watching this 1 year on from when it's first published so unsure whether the information shared are accurate. Nevertheless this is by far, the most informative and equally entertaining Copenhagen videos I've seen.

  10. Peter Taylor says:

    I have lost track how many times I go to Copenhagen. I like your video, since then city has changed a lot over the years including newest underground extension 17 Metro stations plus another more by 2025 also biggest open air country tower walk. It also definitely greenest city well as across the country in the world. I'm sure many visitors will learn the lesson from them. Cheers from Scotland.

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