50 thoughts on “Coron Travel Guide

  1. Jen Hoyle says:

    I'm so glad that a fit young person found the Coron climb exhausting – I thought it was just me being old (thinkin i was fit). The humidity was exhausting – but go at sunset, so worth it!!

  2. Girlie Arancana says:

    You are a deep traveler. Like that. Not just any typical vlogger who vlogs places, food, culture and people. Much thoughts poured into this vid. That background music you incorporated in the vid is much appreciated. Keep it up! New subbie here.

  3. Kit Ayado says:

    Ive traveled to Coron for 4N5D and you were exactly on point in every details of this vlog. I would definitely go back to Coron anytime of the day. Love this video Mitchell!

  4. don roy says:

    hey mitchell…ilive in north florida so i share a stupid state government with you…with all this state and federal insanity i turn to your videos to restore my sanity…from the bottom of my heart…thank you.

  5. Allan Gomez says:

    As i watched videos in YouTube i came across your vlog about Palawan both in El Nido and Coron. Hundreds of travellers, vloggers are doing this but the way you presented your vlogs is just amazing.Simple but informative just pure and honesty and sincerity.I feel like Im watching Natgeo.You're so lucky because you've to the place ive always dreamed to travel becuase Palawan is my mom"s roots are I hope someday God will give me a chance to travel to Palawan.I salute you for embracing the beauty of my country not only the place but the people as well. More videos to come Mitchell. God bless you.Watching here from Manila.😉

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