Costa Rica (Central-America) Vacation Travel Video Guide

4.703 Hotels in Costa Rica – Lowest Price Guarantee ▻ Travel video about destination Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a fascinating country …

24 thoughts on “Costa Rica (Central-America) Vacation Travel Video Guide

  1. xinia xinia says:

    Very well done. Beautiful and informative. Eventhough I could be a little bit biased…🇨🇷🇨🇷 ❣( I am Costarican) , I am not. Great video. Thank you and Pura vida!

  2. Henny's World says:

    What a Great Video ! I had a great journey also through costa rica 🇨🇷 I love the people there! Got to see Many Regions 18 Cities/Towns, DEFINITELY would recommend to check it out. Look at my channel to see my Costa Rican Travel Series as I Discover The Pura Vida of Costa Rica 🇨🇷 2ND Travel Series 🌎🌍🌏

  3. Charlotte Moran says:

    I just LOVE to watch TRAVELING channels and also HISTORY channels .As to me, all of this are very INTERESTING AND VERY EDUCATIONAL. I am ALWAYS AMAZED IN what I have seen and everythings that I have learned. When I am wat any these videos, I FEEL LIKE that I have been there in person for really .

  4. Ferruccio Guicciardi says:

    My grandmother is from San Isidro General Costa Rica. I lived and studied there from 1989-1994. Wonderful and unique paradise. Many Europeans and Americans never come back home after their first trip and settle down forever.

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