CUENCA Ecuador Tour with a Local! | ECUADOR TRAVEL GUIDE

Walking tour of Cuenca Ecuador considered the most beautiful city in Ecuador. I’m spending the day with my friend Andres, a tour guide who knows the best …

14 thoughts on “CUENCA Ecuador Tour with a Local! | ECUADOR TRAVEL GUIDE

  1. Cory Hendrix says:

    Awesome video Ayngelina! All these places I’ve not yet seen before & look forward to them myself. Very glad you showed us the hat shop and the shopping tips. I’m definitely going to that store.

  2. Freedom Heal says:

    This video was well organized, visually stimulating, and gave my wife and I tons of information to consider before traveling to Cuenca, Ecuador. One of the best vloggers we have found this far. Thanks for being so freakin' amazing Ayngelina. Thanks a million times over. 🙏🏾🙌🏾💚💯

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