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Dallas – Soak up the southern charm in this Texan city. Here you’ll find a mix of modern edge and wild west roots; check out the best of Dallas. When ready …

25 thoughts on “Dallas Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. Maverick Milo says:

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  2. Ninja Ni Chester says:

    I miss Texas now. We used to live in McKinney, visited my cousins in Houston. My son used to play hockey there. He loved to go to Six Flags. We visited JFK Museum too. Oh I loved & missed the shoppings & restaurants out there..those were the days. Now can’t travel anymore due to pandemic. Thanks for sharing. Thank you Texas!

  3. Badass Mechanic says:

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  4. Darkslide820 says:

    Planning on a family trip to TX, thought about stopping in the three big cities. I watched the Expedia videos for San Antonio and Houston first, thought those look pretty interesting. Then watched this one, don't really see any reason to stop in Dallas. Every city has museums and a zoo. I don't really see the need to go to the JFK library. Any natives here to recommend me a reason to not skip Dallas? Thanks.

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