Denver Travel Guide – What to do in The Mile High City

For stock footage of this video of Denver, contact In this video we show Downtown Denver as well as some of the areas outside of …

40 thoughts on “Denver Travel Guide – What to do in The Mile High City

  1. Kimia Stewart says:

    Traveling to Denver tomorrow and there is so much that I want to see and do We will be staying downtown and I'm planning on seeing the 16th street mall and the Denver Art Museum I can't wait!

  2. Robert says:

    If you're smart you will run like hell – denver has become a crime riddled cesspool and is not getting better. The poster can spin it anyway they want but the truth is you absolutely don't want to go there after dark. Don't believe me???…look it up. You will be glad you did.

  3. Joseph Freeman says:

    Colorado stopped being cool 10 years ago. Air quality sucks. tons of traffic. summer is blistering arizona hot. homeless everywhere. now full of a bunch of californians that ruined california and now are here to fuck up denver culture. best downtown is usa? lamo denver downtown closes at 9pm. no food, crappy nightlife. selling my house this year was the best decision i ever made

  4. Toni Lori Lujan says:

    I'm a native of Denver and I miss what it use to be. It use to be very affordable, it wasn't over populated, but has become way to expensive and extremely over populated… So sad, it is very beautiful to visit but not a great place to live anymore!

  5. Aaron Stone says:

    You missed Lakeside Amusement park, Bishop's Castle, The Aquarium, Children's Museum, Fourmile Park, Wings over the Rockies, and University Park Observatory. Just to name a few places along the routes you travelled in this video.

  6. Sadie says:

    I would suggest NOT swimming at confluence park by REI – the water has flowed down cherry creek for quite a ways and is essentially carrying all the pollution and gunk from the city. I ran that trail many times and the water is gross.

  7. Linda Powell says:

    Do not come to Denver. This once beautiful city is now a place of Crime, drug addicts, alcoholics and more bad stuff. It is rat ridden with tents and boxes, that house the drug addicts, alcoholics that I mentioned above. This city is run by communists who call themselves liberals. This commie governor fits right in with the liberal agenda. I am telling you do not waste your time watching this video to entice you. When libs are in charge you have chaos. Lies and more lies. Stay where you are and fight for your own state.

  8. Mike F says:

    I am so sad that they are going to "move" Elitch Gardens. That is just a ploy to shut it down. I am from Massachusetts, and trust me, when real estate prices go up, EVERTHING fun gets turned into a condo.

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