Destin FL – A Travel Guide for The Emerald Coast

In this video as well as Destin Florida (13:00), we show the surround areas, Morrison Springs (2:38) , Seaside (Santa Rosa Bch (3:27) , Mirimar Beach & Village …

41 thoughts on “Destin FL – A Travel Guide for The Emerald Coast

  1. Jeffery Longbrake says:

    I live here in Florida. I've been to all these places many times. If you like trash, incomplete construction projects and the sky high prices during the height of a pandemic, this state being completely overtaken, sure come on down. However dont expect alot of things to do with the lack of people to operate shops and such. Please keep us and yourselves safe and stay home! Our governor certainly doesnt care for us and only cares about his wallet.

  2. Leemer says:

    Family and I just went to Destin for a week. Stayed in Sandestin and it was a super nice resort. However, the week that i went (start of august) trying to do anything outside of the resort is pointless. Driving up the main road is awful due to construction. Takes an hour and a half to drive from the Baytown wharf to the Destin boardwalk and at 10am when we arrived there was no parking at all. Its beautiful but super crowded. Don’t try to go to a restaurant unless you’re prepared to wait 2+ hours. I honestly just cannot recommend this location to people looking to go on vacation.

  3. Mayra Blanco says:

    I love your videos. I live in Pensacola and had no idea there was so much stuff around the Destin area. I am familiar and go to Crab island, but there's so much more. Your videos are the best! Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Cherish Benson says:

    One thing I want to add about Destin and if this just saves One Life it'll be worth it please heed the ocean warnings. There is a drowning at least every day. If there's red or purple flags flying do not get in that water it is so sad to hear that fire engine going down Scenic Gulf Drive every single day. Cuz you know where they're going it's not a fire and it's not a car accident. The rip currents are no joke! I'm a local and I don't think I've even been in the water in 10 years. I'd rather just stare at it from my balcony 🙂

  5. Cherish Benson says:

    Destin Native here. I've lived in Destin my entire life. The best time to come is during the offseason. There are so many people during the summer
    traffic is backed up so bad that you can't even get to a fast food restaurant without waiting in line for an hour. I personally think they need to add a few overpasses. October November is a wonderful time to come visit. Roads are clear beaches are clear and it's still beautiful warm and sunny. Prices of all of the hotels and condos are cheaper during the offseason as well. If you're rent a vacation rental house or condo please do a lot of research as most of them can be outdated and have a lot of damage due to the amount of tourists that come and go. I highly recommend planning your trip way ahead of time booking reservations at any restaurants you want to eat at or any excursions.I recommend staying at The Henderson, anywhere in Baytown especially Hotel Effie, The Cresent and Sandestin Hilton. 30A is not very far from Destin it's a much more upscale area of bars and restaurants and very nice vacation rentals! I recommend parasailing and deep sea fishing in the spring. A romantic evening could include a sunset dinner cruise and helicopter ride. Stay away from traveling to Okaloosa Island during the hours of 3 to 5 or you'll be stuck in standstill traffic:( you can't go wrong with any of the restaurants on the beach. They all have brunch with mimosas and at night they have live music and delicious dinner specials right on the beach. Every sunset is gorgeous and looks different every night. Destin is the perfect place for a sunset wedding on the beach.(recommend May or October for optimal weather experience)They also have amazing golf courses. there are a lot of people that come just for the golfing.

  6. Nathan says:

    I spent the Summer and early Fall of 2010 in Destin due to being enlisted in the Coast Guard at the time, responding to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. I spent many days driving along the beaches and going out on some of the local charter boats, most notably the "Perfect Shot." I wonder if Brady Bowman is still her Captain. A truly Great guy! As a native of Massachusetts, who had never experienced white sand beaches and crystal clear ocean water prior to my time in Destin, I still consider that Summer to be one of the best of my life. I need to make it down there again someday. It's still as beautiful as I remember. The Coast Guard Station on route 98, right next to Crab Island, is very appropriately nicknamed "Station Vacation!" The video was excellent and brought back many great memories. Thank you!

  7. Melvin Grant says:

    Holy cow, I spend $280 per night at an all inclusive resort in Hawaii, so definitely not gonna shell out any of my earnings on a 3.5 hour drive down the panhandle for a Hotel 6 bed…ugh!

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