Detroit Michigan Travel Guide 2021 4K

Do you plan to visit Detroit? We have put together a Detroit travel guide to assist you with your vacation to Detroit. In this travel guide we walk around downtown …

47 thoughts on “Detroit Michigan Travel Guide 2021 4K

  1. Hot Toymania says:

    detroit is nice but where are the people? also i never saw the people mover in operation. the track doesnt really go anywhere useful. so sad. so many nice places and buildings but empty of people. I stopped by detroit while bringing my son to college at U Mich in Ann Arbor. the museums are closed monday to wednesday. belle island was empty and the aquarium, conservatory was closed. i did manage to see the henry ford museum, greenfield village, the ford rouge factory tour. the motown museum, Ford Piquette factory, corktown, eastern market, the heidelberg project and detroit riverfront park. we need to bring back the people and things to do and play. also saw henry ford house, the neighborhood of grosse point.

  2. Jerry Pinaha says:

    So I just found your channel tonight and I'm really impressed. It certainly is obvious you definitely do your research. I like the fact you keep a good pace on your videos, keeping things moving. I'm subscribing in a moment. Looking forward to watching more of your videos. Thanks for the tour of Detroit and Cleveland.

  3. Toine says:

    Thanks for showcasing my city. Now I live in Phx and recognize you from another channel I follow. Detroit is a French word pronounced De-twa, similar to how you say “troi “ in ménage a troi.

  4. Zinedine Zethro says:

    this has definitely sparked me some interest to visit detroit! i always hear bad and dark things about the city, so pretty much here in Indonesia, detroit is always under a bad light. this has definitely shed some light to the city! Love from Jakarta man!

  5. colin whitfield says:

    So interesting to see an outsiders real take. While I probably wouldn't put the word 'gentrification', and the phrase 'much nicer', so close together in a sentence, I will say that the redevelopment downtown is not as geographically exclusive as such projects are in other cities. Money has gone to our neighborhoods as well. As someone who spent a decade in Brooklyn, and watched whole neighborhoods 'flip' in the worst possible ways, I've found that this process in Detroit – while in no way perfect – is generally more empathetic toward lifelong residents – with existing communities allowed to voice their ideas and concerns, and play a larger role in the redevelopment – than in places like NYC LA or Chicago.

    Detroit will be a New World Capital.

  6. Sparky 58 says:

    Definitely some great eats, history, scenery, and lots of outdoor activities available in Detroit and the surrounding area……. Home of Henry Ford, Dianna Ross, Red Wing hockey, Great Lakes boating, Arts and Entertainment…….. You can even tour an operating Automobile Assembly line in Dearborn, Mi.

  7. Knightmessenger says:

    Some other places I would have included or added more info:
    3:22 Buddy's Pizza is where the Detroit Style pizza originated from.
    American and Lafayette Coney Islands (near the greening of detroit location)
    Ford Field was built into a preexisting warehouse
    boutique hotels (Siren, Element and Shinola) in restored adjacent buildings.
    Parker's Alley and The Belt
    Point of Origin spot in Campus Martius Park
    Beacon Park
    David Whitney Buiding & Campus Martius building interior atrium
    Although it has yet to reopen post covid, the Detroit People Mover has unique art pieces installed in each of its 13 stations.
    Museum district in Midtown (DIA, Det Historical, Science Center, African American History)
    Orchestra Hall
    Wayne State University
    Corner Ballpark (former site of Tiger Stadium) and Mich Central Station in Corktown
    Eastern Market
    Dequindre Cut
    Outdoor Adventure Center
    Numerous sections on the Detroit Riverwalk shown have their own names such as GM Plaza, Cullen Family Carousel and Robert Valade Park
    Belle Isle
    Pewabic Pottery
    Ford Piquette Plant
    Motown Museum
    Bakers Keyboard Lounge (Avenue of Fashion)
    Calihan Hall (of Univ Detroit Mercy)
    Redford Theatre

  8. Paul Graves says:

    Thank you for sharing downtown Detroit, it looks beautiful. I haven’t been there since the early 90s. Your video has made me want to go there and visit again. Keep up the good work on your videos. 👍🏾😀👍🏾

  9. Ava Zyskowski says:

    Thank you for doing such a wonderful job on showing our city. It has many beautiful places and tons of things to do. It gets old seeing other Youtubers crapping on it. You forgot the Detroit Institute of Art! Annnnddd…..those gray skies are why my family will be joining you in Arizona this fall. 😁

  10. Marvin Strong says:

    Appreciate the video. There's a lot of more interesting things you missed but this is ok for someone unfamiliar with Detroit. You should of did a bit more research on things to do. Unfortunately, you came during the lockdown. We just opened back up in June.

    If you do this again, come in the summer and check out the other entertainment areas downtown like Greektown, the rooftop restaurants/ bars, the skip, the belt, and the casinos. And on the riverwalk floating bars, jet ski's, and boat cruises. Also check out Midtown, Belle Isle, Eastern Market, Dequindure Cut, Mexicantown and Hamtramck.

    And Downtown is fun and all but that's only a fraction of all the things there is to do in the entire Metro Detroit area. There's alot of different communities and vibes and you can do 95% of the things you can think of in a major metro area.

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