Dubai Complete Travel Guide – UAE Bucket List

Dubai is an amazing place, and I highly recommend that you go one time in your life. But it’s a giant mega city in the middle east, so where do you start? I’ll show …

50 thoughts on “Dubai Complete Travel Guide – UAE Bucket List

  1. Ultimate Bucket List says:

    I'd go back to Dubai in a heartbeat. The Expo is running from October 2021 to March 2022, so I think I'll be making a return journey just for that.
    I hope you've found this video useful / entertaining and I'd really love if you could share this on your social media to help me out. 👍

  2. Rose says:

    I really enjoyed watching this video. You put it together superbly, and your narration is on point. I've been to Dubai many times, but watching this makes me want to go right now! 10/10


    Why would I take the Metro from the airport …… do they have stops a the hotel I booked ??
    I don't think so
    Besides spending $$$$ on airfare ; ie , esp first class I am i going to give a fuck about the cost of a taxi ………………..

  4. Hkp tube says:

    Clips and video is really good…… But if u can use continous video for more than 5 mins makes the viewer feel like they are personally experiencing the tour….. For reference you can check channel bald and bankrupt

  5. Gerda van Velthoven says:

    There are indeed many, many amazing, impressive, dazzling and gorgeous things to see, one better then the other, but if you really want to get to know Dubai, you should definitely go to the Historical Musea, like the Sheikh Saeed al-Maktoum's House – it is very, very impressive and beautiful. It gives another perspective on how and why Dubai is Dubai the way it is today and will be in the future.

  6. Som Sapkota says:

    Your content is great but you missed below things
    1 Miracle Garden (Largest Flower garden in the world)
    2 La Mer free public beach where you can swim when sun gets down and have some wonderful food.
    3 Underwater zoo in dubai mall where you can actually get to see various animals like you said in the middle of the desert.
    4 Al Mamzar beach park
    5 zabeel park
    6 Super car spoting in Dubai Marina especially for car geeks.

  7. hossibaer says:

    Been there in 2013, and the taxis were absolutely cheap. Sometimes, I literally drove around town, just to cool down by a/c, and I had to pay not more than I would´ve to pay for 2 kilometers in Germany. Surely, the prizes might be slightly higher now, like everything is everywhere, but I can not imagine that they are "incredibly expensive" now. Gas prizes are still cheap there, and the taxis belong to the same company as the metro or the local buses, and they do absolutely not scam you in any way, as we know from other countrys. I´ve met 20+ taxi-drivers there, and each of them was absolutely friendly and correct.

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