Dubai Travel Guide

Planning a trip to Dubai? Our Ayo Dubai Travel Guide brings you exclusive luxury travel secrets and insider first hand experiences. – Get the free Ayo Dubai …

36 thoughts on “Dubai Travel Guide

  1. Fluffy -Fluffy says:

    Very nice channel, love all the things I didn’t know there were to do in Dubai. I thought 5 days and I’d be bored out of my bum,but nope no way, I know I won’t be as I already have two watermarks to visit, a ziplineadventure, skiing, Dubai Eye , ways to get around (love the pink rooftop idea!)
    Maybe I should go now that it may be actually a bit quiet still…
    Just not a fan of the dolphin and penguin-things. (That’s just the animalperson inside me)

  2. Sajjad hosseini tabatabaei says:

    thank you about your guide about this beautifull city and keep it up but i have to tell you and others.with all my respect you told into this clip arabian sea.that's not true.if you look into your geographic books and maps the real name of sea was/is/will be : Persian Gulf. with all respect you have to believe it and do not try to change history

  3. Linda Oliver says:

    I loved the video; however, I didn't think that Dubai was that expensive. There is a trip available for all budgets. I liked the spice market and I didn't like the gold souk. I got ripped off big time. I bought some 18 karat gold earrings. I took them to an appraiser and I was quoted a price of about 1/3 of what I paid for them. I felt that the gold and the silver were very overpriced. I highly recommend a trip to Dubai to everyone who likes to travel.

  4. Brother SMan says:

    I have been to Dubai a few times and done all of the places in Dubai mentioned in the video except the boat tour to those rocky mountain areas mentioned in the video – there are other things that I did that wasn't in the video – Jumeirah Mosque, Grand Mosque along the creek, Festival City. My favourite part of Dubai is JBR plus I like the Burj Khalifa area at night. You can book a dinner/lunch/breakfast at Burj Al Arab Hotel but it was quite expensive. For adults and kids, Wild Wadi Park close to Burj Al Arab Hotel was a good and fun place to visit

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