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Dunedin – Between the wild coastline of the Otago Peninsula and a dormant volcano, discover this historic New Zealand city. Explore the best places to visit in …

39 thoughts on “Dunedin Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. Jim Hallett says:

    Very beautiful buildings – especially that magnificent train station. Too bad NZ trains are limited and pretty subpar. The city looks very impressive, and my Scottish grandparents lived in Dunedin, FL for over 40 years! I will have to check out its year round Temps. I was lured to Nelson at the north end of the South Island. Not sure of the culture there, but from video – Dunedin is the most impressive of NZ's larger cities!

  2. JackORobber says:

    This isn't just Dunedin, this is the whole of Otago.
    The Train station is considered the most photographed building in the Southern hemisphere,
    there's another castle in Dunedin but it's in a shit state (and you can't visit it),
    we have produced 2 of NZ's most successful bands, (six60 and the Chills),
    it's the oldest European settlement in NZ, and lets not forget about our history of Maori slavery.
    Finally your pronounciation is perfect.

  3. Gordon Ayres says:

    I travelled there as a young man from Auckland in 1977. I always remembered how attractive it was-though it was Winter-it snowed. Christchurch was still pre earthquake . Now I live on Arran Isle in Scotland.

  4. carol King says:

    That was so beautiful. I feel so homesick. I lived there from 1950-1964. So much looks the same and so much is different. I preferred back then. Now I am old and my darling husband of 58 years has died. We were married in that lovely First Church. I won’t be able to go back. Thank you for posting this.

  5. Joshua D'Altilia says:

    I'd like to go there one day and I'm from Dunedin in Scotland which goes by the English translation of Edinburgh as opposed to the Scottish Gaelic translation of Dunedin plus we have a Botanics garden as well

  6. Marijane Wernsman says:

    If I could afford it, I would live in Dunedin. I’ve visited twice with student groups from the US, and I love this place. Beautiful, and with excellent medical and educational facilities, as well as a small airport, it is ideal for retirement.

    I just read the comments about the “cold” weather. I’m from north Texas, and it’s colder here than the winter days I spent in Dunedin (June and July in NZ). I would call the weather brisk and energizing.

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