Egypt: Cruising the Nile – Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide – Travel Bite

Watch the full episode: Taking a multi-day Nile cruise gives you a firsthand look at some of the famous river’s most scenic …

32 thoughts on “Egypt: Cruising the Nile – Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide – Travel Bite

  1. Toyota Camry says:

    i dont like to say this but ur video about Palestine and isr eal and how it did start was from pro isra eali side wich was clearly wrong
    but i understand u talking ur info mostly from western media wich is controlled by Zion /ists

  2. Sydney L. says:

    Thanks I enjoyed this watching on my big screen on TV … I enjoyed on the Cruise before Pandemic… I wish one day you can make a Vlog video here in Sydney Australia also where I live. Also in Philippines one day.. More video please to upload here I enjoyed the way you explain and talking..thanks.. 😘😘😘
    I been some of this beautiful place on your video… I wish I can visit there again one day after this Pandemic, mostly working inside the Ship from Philippines we're I came from, so if am inside the Ship sometimes passenger thinking am working inside the Ship…😍😍😍.. Thanks Steve..

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