Energylandia Travel Guide – Transportation, Accommodation & Top Tips!

Welcome to the Theme Park Worldwide Travel Guide! In this Episode I’ll be sharing information about how to plan a trip to Energylandia in Poland. This rapidly …

29 thoughts on “Energylandia Travel Guide – Transportation, Accommodation & Top Tips!

  1. Alex Carr says:

    We caught the once daily train when we visited last August. I wouldn't recommend it. Although it was cheaper it took longer than the coach, had no air conditioning, arrived an hour before the park opened and left an hour before the park closed. Zator station isn't really what I would call a train station either.

  2. KoazterBoi says:

    Thx! Ill use this when I go to Energylandia next year for my bday! Btw Energylandia needs a B&M coaster, specially a hyper because ''You can't go wrong with a B&M Hyper'' – Theme Park Crazy

  3. Stephen Clark says:

    Just like when I went to Amsterdam in 2017 I didn't go to Efteling and regretted it, I did the same thing with Energylandia when I went to Kraków in 2019… Really wish I'd of gone. Watching this video has giving me some good tips for when we do eventually go next year… Love these travel guides always so helpful

  4. Flaw3dGenius says:

    Checking flight prices for myself wife and two kids… They are around 130 quid each Mon- Wed in the start of June. Quite expensive when we can get to Blackpool and back for 60 quid petrol… How im i going to convince the wife who doesnt really enjoy theme parks 🤔

  5. Oliver Jasinski says:

    Zadra and Hyperion seem like the best one-two punch in the world. I’m excited to go here since my family visits Poland quite often, so I can’t wait to check out this place next time I visit. Hopefully international travel will be available soon.

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