EP 14 Meghalaya Tour complete Travel Guide | North East India

How to plan your journey of Meghalaya, North east India Tour. This video has information on Things to do in Meghalaya. North East India is known for its beauty, …

26 thoughts on “EP 14 Meghalaya Tour complete Travel Guide | North East India

  1. Manish Patel says:

    Hello Harish Ji: thanks for your all videos. Its helping me lot to plan. Also you are giving wonderful details information, that becomes very handy.


  2. Arindam Roy says:

    Very nice ,,,dada me and my friend(2 person)planing meghalaya tour by train for 4night and 5days in february 2022,,which places we must visit,,,please tell dada

    Love from kolkata

  3. kakashi37466 says:

    Sir please, aap agar bol rahe ho most clear water dawki mai kab milega toh yehi bhi batana tha na kab mud wala water milega ✌️edit: don't bother telling me tell your subscribers they deserve more than what you are giving by saying when to come, that peek of the season right listen as a person who belongs to north east please learn about nature, this guy says you should come during monsoon ask the localities, we want tourists but not at the cost of our honesty 🙏 not doubt it's very beautiful during monsoon but it becomes more risk full if you don't belong to a heavy rain forest area, monsoon brings more land slides just giving you example

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